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A Weekend Breakfast Brunch With Spot

Spot Extendable Dining Table

If you are anything like me, then you love good times with friends and family. All the better when it happens on a late Saturday morning over a fabulous weekend breakfast brunch where the mimosas are served with freshly squeezed orange juice and the table is set to the nines. In today’s day and age, you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to entertaining. And this is where a weekend breakfast brunch with Spot comes in.

Good Morning Saturday!

We in the midst of November and with this comes sunny weekends where you just wake up to a Saturday morning with that extra little sunshine sparkle in your eyes and skip in your step. The sun’s out and you’re ready to take on the weekend. During the week you have been preparing for a chilled breakfast brunch with your closest. Now you are ready for action. With your favourite album playing in the background, you start preparing your specialities. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, all coming together for a spread you know your friends are going to love. With the necessities prepped, it’s time to set the table.

Let’s Make Entertaining A Breeze

We take a stroll from your kitchen to your dining room, open up the doors and windows to let the fresh Saturday morning breeze uplift your space. Now, what are the essentials to a breakfast brunch besides your scrumptious cooking skills? Well, of course dining room furniture that acts as an extension of you and makes entertaining a breeze. Welcome your new partner for entertaining – The Spot Collection.

Spot Dining Area
Spot Dining Area


Let’s Set The Table

When you are entertaining, a cluttered space is a big no-no. You want things to be balanced out and comfortable for your guests and, at the same time; you want things to be close by and so that you can minimize on time spent away from where the fun is happening. With the Spot Collection of dining room furniture everything is in its place and there is definitely a place for everything.

Let’s start with the most important dining essential – the table. For an occasion such as a breakfast brunch, you need a table that is as striking as it is functional. The Spot Extendable Dining Table offers you all this and so much more. Its stunning A-frame design gives it its contemporary look, with the robust thick legs lifting the table from the floor giving a sense of lightness.

Spot dining room table

Adding to the look and functionality of this beautiful piece of furniture, is the clever centred recess the table top houses. The table starts off as a full flat top surface, by simply pulling the two sides of the table top you reveal a recess. This recess offers you space to place herbs, cutlery and get creative with centrepieces.

Spot diningroom table

Furthermore, slid underneath the table top are three pieces that can be easily removed. When you pull the table top sides further apart, two open spaces are revealed next to the recess, simply place the pieces in this area for a larger dining experience. This allows you to maximize on seating space, giving you more room to entertain in style. Can you hear the champagne glasses clinking?


Let’s Be Seated

Now that your table is set, your guests are ready to be seated and the good times are set to begin. When it comes to seating, benches allow you to maximise on space and also offers a more casual and cosy environment at your breakfast brunch table. The Spot Bench sets a new benchmark- excuse the pun! Beautifully designed in the same A-Frame style of the collection, the bench offers a contemporary alternative to chairs. For you as the entertainer, the open alcoves can accommodate the Spot Drawers; here you can easily store your dining essentials. Should your guests need an extra napkin, it’s but a mere slide of the drawer away.

Spot Diningroom bench

Room To Display And Store

Your weekend breakfast brunch is in full swing and everyone is having a good time. Your friends look across the room, and your collection of handcrafted artwork catches their eye. Your collection has been stylishly housed in the Spot Glass Cabinet. This beautiful unit offers you ample shelving space to house from your finest china to your most beloved keepsakes – leaving room to share with your friends old memories, adding to the experience of a day spent in good company.

After an eventful Saturday morning breakfast brunch at your place, you and your friends are ready to take on the rest of the weekend. What are your favourite brunch rituals?


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