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Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you are struggling to find space in your small home, wall storage is sure to offer a practical, versatile solution. There are a number of ways to use your walls to store your goods. In addition to units that are made especially to be mounted to walls, you could also consider compact shelving systems that sit against the wall. What often works best is a combination of wall and floor storage that enables you to create space without ruining the aesthetic of your home.

In this mini guide, we share some of our top tips on how to save space with a few strategic wall storage pieces. Keep reading to find out more.

Adding More Space With Wall Storage

How can you maximise your space with wall storage? Let’s take a look…

Wall-mounted shelves.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Wall-Mounted Shelves

One of the simplest and most practical ways to save space, wall shelves are easy to install – usually requiring only the most basic of DIY skills. These shelves are ideal for anything from books to crockery and decor, working well in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, living rooms, studios and even bathrooms. As they sit on the wall, these shelves free up floor space, keeping your smaller home nice and open without the appearance of clutter or cramping.

Wall-mounted desks.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Wall-Mounted Desks

A wall-mounted desk that offers additional shelving will allow you to keep your work area out of the way, while also storing basics such as files, books, stationery and other items. This type of furniture is especially useful for studios, dorm rooms and small apartments that lack a designated office. With a desk like the streamlined Muto Secretaire Desk by VOX, you will be able to pull up a chair and get your work done without needing to take up much floor space.

Flexible bookcases.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Flexible Bookcases

Whether standing or fixed to the wall, bookcases can offer an extremely flexible storage solution for even the smallest of spaces. To get the most from this type of storage, design your own wall shelving by placing bookcases of similar heights and different widths. A wider bookcase positioned next to a┬ánarrow bookcase can easily make use of a wall, corner or even part of a wall. When you choose tall floor-to-ceiling shelving units, you will be able to make use of every available wall space you have to spare. You don’t have to limit bookcases to storing books, either. You can also store blankets, crockery, glassware, boxes, decor and many other things in your bookcases.

Invest in a few shelves to place on or against your walls, and you will soon see how easily you can save space with the help of wall storage.

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