Functional Spot Two-Sided Desk

The Spot Two-Sided Desk by Vox is useful for siblings to share, as well as friends who feel like playing a board game.You no longer have to put the desk against the wall or in the corner - you decide where is the best place to work, study and play. The desk has two comfortable places to work, providing a good solution for a room shared by siblings. In the middle of the desktop are three equal-sized clever compartments for pens, computer charger, and other treasures, closed by acacia lids. Inside the compartment is a discreet hole for cables, such as for a laptop. Additionally, the unique A-frame design allows for hanging space on the top bar for organisers, blackboards or decorations. Storage space for handy items can be increased by buying additional felt containers.PLEASE NOTE:
  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly
  • Drawer and desk colour only available in white
  • Drawer sets
  • Felt desk organisers


  • A-frame design with double-sided access
  • The desk’s top can be placed at one of three levels
  • Drawers  can be added (available separately – please note that there are 4 drawer slots and the drawer sets come in sets of two, so if you want drawers for each slot you need to order two sets)
  • On special order is a wheeled cupboard that can be moved underneath the desk at its highest and middle level
  • Resistant to damage and damp and easy to keep clean


  • Height: 150cm
  • Length: 148cm
  • Width: 75cm


  • Laminated board
  • Solid pine wood legs