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The Finer Decor Details That Uplift Your Living Space

The home decor pieces that you choose for your living space have the power to transform the space completely. Even a single statement piece can take a dull room and light it up. An eye-catching artwork that inspires conversation and an impressive light fixture can be all it takes to uplift your space.

Ironically, many believe that with decor, more is better. In reality, trying to add too much detail can end up making rooms appear cramped and distracting. How do you take your living space to the next level with a few carefully selected pieces?

Elevate Your Living Space With Carefully Chosen Home Decor

Home decor should always complement your furniture, space and overall style. The best way to add impact is to focus on beautifully made, unique, interesting and versatile pieces that add genuine value. To achieve this goal, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Vox Simple Furniture Collection

Lighting is one of the simplest ways to completely transform a room. The right pendant light can make smaller spaces seem larger, darker rooms seem brighter and colder rooms seem warmer.

Harmony Pendant Lamp - Black
Harmony Pendant Lamp – Black

Lamps such as the Harmony Pendant Lamp give any home a contemporary touch, creating a focal point without being over the top. Floor lamps and table lamps can also be used to add additional lighting. Opt for stream-lined, minimal lamps that do not require a lot of space. This will ensure that free-standing lamps do not compete for attention with your statement overhead lamp.



Artwork can also enhance your space quickly and easily. You don’t need a large amount of wall space, either. Even the smallest of rooms can be enhanced with smaller frames. Whether you choose a single, larger sized artwork, or you opt for varying sized frames to create a gallery wall, make sure that you choose your artwork wisely.

Lace Artwork
Lace Artwork

3D designs add extra depth and character, with intricate details that beg a closer look. The Lace Artwork, for example, which is on offer at VOX, features an exquisitely detailed handwoven filament on linen, which is set in a simple black frame. At 25cm in height and 20cm in width, this piece can be displayed on a wall, shelf or desk, or added to an existing gallery wall.

Looking for further inspiration on how to elevate your home? Browse our home decor collection to see what else we currently have on offer.



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