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Furnishing Your Studio with the Lori Collection

With its modern design and space-saving efficiency, the Lori Collection offers the ideal choice for studio apartments. This versatile range features contemporary pieces that will easily adapt to your needs. Featuring high-quality laminate finishes in white and charcoal, along with warm touches of wood, this range also adapts to your decor style, working well in minimal, Scandinavian-style, and functional, gender-neutral apartments.

Whether you are moving into your very first studio or planning to revamp your current space, the Lori Collection is a great way to maximise your space to suit your style. Keep reading to find out how to enhance your studio with this collection from VOX.

How to Enhance Your Studio With the Lori Collection

Some of the ways that the Lori Collection helps you create the perfect studio include the following:

Clean lines.

Furnishing Your Studio with the Lori Collection - Clean Lines

One of the biggest challenges in furnishing a studio is getting the most from every bit of available space. Floor space is almost always at a premium, and bulky furniture can all too often take up precious space. Thanks to its clean lines that allow you to use wall space and corners, the Lori range keeps things tidy without getting in the way. Look for tall bookcases and shelving units that use space wisely.

Smart storage.

Furnishing Your Studio with the Lori Collection - Smart Storage

You can also use tall shelves to create zones within your studio. This will allow you to create a study area, negating the need for a separate office. If you invest in smart storage solutions such as boxes, pedestals and even pet kennels that can be easily kept out of the way, you will further save space. Mixing and matching different bookshelves is the simplest ways to create storage that meets your needs.

Reduced clutter.

Furnishing Your Studio with the Lori Collection - Reduce Clutter

Another advantage of the Lori range is that it offers flexible storage that keeps surface clutter to a minimum. A major challenge in studio apartments is keeping your small space tidy. Too much surface clutter can quickly make the room appear smaller and more cramped. Look for coffee tables that have secret compartments, and other storage solutions that offer ample drawers and cable storage. This allows you to keep your precious goods within easy reach, without adding to the clutter.

Choosing a few signature pieces that can adapt to the look and style of your studio will further help to create a seamless apartment. That way, you can change up your decor without the need for a full studio makeover. View the full Lori Collection to start planning your dream studio.