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Putting You on a Pedestal

Whether you call it a nightstand, bedside table or bedroom pedestal, this useful item is equal part storage and surface. While they are most frequently used in bedrooms, pedestals can also be used in just about any other room of your home, too. They can double up as side tables in a living room. They can store bathroom supplies or office goodies, too. Just the right size to keep a few basic essentials in easy reach, these useful stands offer plenty of storage without taking up too much space.

Finding the Perfect Bedroom Pedestal

However you use your pedestals, there is no doubt that these handy tables offer plenty of use in the bedroom. The trick to getting the most from this item of furniture is to choose a pedestal that suits your needs. Get inspired by these simple yet stylish bedroom pedestal solutions:

Covered storage.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Covered Storage

A simple cupboard style pedestal will keep your bedtime essentials safe in a way that is discrete and subtle. Many units in this style offer two or more deep shelves that are hidden behind a cupboard door. Some may also offer drawers within the units itself, while others may have a single spacious cubby. Look for units that blend into your overall decor style, in neutrals such as white and wood, for a modern yet simple look.

Hidden storage.

 Putting You on a Pedestal - Hidden Storage

No space for a traditional bedside table? For smaller rooms, university dorm rooms, teen bedrooms and other spaces that lack space, a hidden pedestal is a great choice. This type of unit is made to hide discretely behind a bed or alongside a table, dresser or desk. A pull-out drawer reveals a surprisingly spacious storage unit that can be hidden when not in use.

Stackable cubes.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Stackable Cubes

Storage cubes are an incredibly versatile option that works well for bedside tables, makeshift bookshelves and various other storage systems. What makes this type of storage an excellent choice for just about any space is the ability to mix and match your storage according to your needs. If your bedroom or home is on the smaller side, you can stick to one or two cubes. If you have a large space, you could create a longer or taller unit by arranging cubes of different sizes. Open storage is also a creative choice for those wanting to display decor, books or other objects.

Simple drawer.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Simple Drawer

A classic, simple drawer unit will work well in any space, regardless of the size or decor style. If you prefer to keep things down to the bare minimum, a small nightstand that has a single drawer for the basics such as phones, medication, chargers and a book or two will be just right. For best results, choose a stand that suits the look of your bed and bedroom storage to ensure a seamless look.

Ready to find your dream pedestal? Head on over to the VOX online store to shop our bedroom pedestal range.

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Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating

With winter around the corner here in South Africa, the Custom modular seating range from VOX offers the perfect way to relax. This range features modular couches and armchairs as well as a modular coffee table that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind lounge that is designed to suit your space and preferences. Whether you are looking for a compact solution for a smaller space or a flexible lounge unit that can grow to suit your changing needs, the Custom modular seating range is sure to add just the right amount of comfort and style to your home.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating

First gaining popularity in the 60s and 70s, modular seating has certainly come a long way over the years. This type of seating is versatile and practical, allowing you to build your own lounge suite according to your space requirements. The new generation of modular units has evolved a great deal from their early counterparts, with additional features such as hidden storage further adding to the appeal.

What makes modular furniture the ideal choice for living rooms? Keep reading to find out why this type of seating offers a budget and space-friendly solution for homes of all sizes.

Why We Love the Custom Modular Seating Range

While corner couch units are a great choice for large living rooms, and small two-seaters and armchairs are ideal for smaller living rooms, modular seating goes one step further by allowing you to customise your lounge simply and easily. Modular furniture can easily be moved to add more space, create cosy nooks, extend living areas and plan out lounges without replacing or removing any furniture. Instead, modular couches and armchairs are arranged to create corners or open areas as needed, with side tables and coffee tables added to further optimise space.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating - Corner Unit

As the units are made to be moved, they can easily be adjusted for parties and gatherings, with a variety of configurations to suit just about any type of event. For movie nights, you can create a home cinema setting with a single row of seating. For cocktail functions and leisurely catch-ups, you can create a more intimate corner setting. Add a few throw cushions and snug blankets, or a pouf or two, and you can instantly transform your living room into a warm retreat to escape the winter chills. If you embrace the Danish concept of Hygge, a modular lounge will have you crafting a winter hideout in little to no time.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating - Couches

The Custom seating range from VOX includes a Deluxe Corner System, Custom Corner System, Custom Sofa, Custom Sofa with Coffee Table, Custom Armchair and Custom Coffee Table. Cushions and backrests are available in a range of colours, including sky blue, blue grey and beige, allowing you to customise your seating according to your preferences.

Browse our full range of living room furniture to find the Custom modular seating range and other essentials for your space.