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How to Create the Perfect Man Cave

If you have been longing for a place to escape, revive, and de-stress, a man cave is sure to be just what the doctor ordered. Somewhere between a study and a den, this room is made to offer a retreat – a welcome spot to head to after a long day at work. Whether elaborate and fitted with a huge flat screen television and ample space to enjoy those Nintendo Wii virtual golf games, or simple enough to cover all the basics, this room is flexible, inviting, and, ultimately, relaxing.

What exactly do you need to get your man cave up and running? Keep reading as we take a closer look at this room to find out how to pull everything together and claim your spot.

Man Cave Essentials

Even if you do not have space for a separate man cave, you can turn your study into a welcoming spot to enjoy some quiet time or a beer or two, with no one else to hog the remote or change the channel. The good news is that you don’t need much to make any room your own. Some of the top essentials for this room include the following:

Custom Seating

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Custom Seating

The great thing about custom seating is that it is far more flexible than traditional couches and chairs. That means you can move seats around as needed. Need to clear some floor space to get in a home workout? No problem. Desperate to take an afternoon nap with no interruptions? Simply shift seats together to create a makeshift couch bed. Having friends over to watch some rugby? Rearrange seats as needed, so that everyone gets a good view.

Modular Shelving

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Modular Shelving

Just as modular seating helps you make a more versatile space, modular shelving has a similar effect. This type of shelving unit can be very useful if you are hoping to section off part of your office in order to create a chillout zone or TV area. Units like the Lori corner bookcase also help make ample use of corners and other awkward areas, while keeping your stuff neatly organised. With this shelving, you will have far more flexibility compared to traditional bookcases.

Entertainment Centre

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Entertainment Centre

It goes without saying that you will need to plot out an entertainment area that is made to keep everything sorted. You will be able to set up your gaming system here along with your television and sound system. If space is limited, make use of wall-mounted shelves to store speakers, games, books, and other items. From there, simply arrange your seating so that you are able to relax completely without having to move much at all.

Practical Desk

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Practical Desk

While a desk may not be quite as essential as, say, a large television, it will still come in handy. Sometimes, it is great to have a place to do your thinking in an environment that is conducive to logic and calm decision-making. If your home office is shared by others in the house, this area can sometimes be the opposite of peaceful. Adding a desk to your space will give you that peace you have always wanted.

Add the final touches to your space with a few decor touches, low lighting, a plush rug or two, a plant, and anything else that helps you feel at home. From there, your man cave will be ready to move in and start enjoying right away.



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Creating a Craft Room With VOX

Every home should have a craft room, or at the very least, a dedicated space where creative activities can be enjoyed. Countless studies done over the years have shown that creative hobbies have the ability to improve memory, inspire out-the-box-thinking, assist with problem-solving and even help kids and adults build confidence and reduce stress. In this guide, we share some tips on how to create a craft room that the whole family can enjoy.

How to Create a Craft Room

Limited space? No problem. These tips will help you create the perfect craft room, even without ample space to unleash your creative abilities. All that you really need to start creating is an uncluttered surface, a spare room or free corner and perhaps a bit of light. Some tips to help you get started include the following:

Make use of natural light.

 Creating a Craft Room With VOX - Natural Light

Wherever possible, try to make use of the natural light you have available. Natural light is always ideal for almost all types of crafts. Whether you’re hoping to get back into drawing or painting, thinking of taking up sewing, trying something like bead making or knitting or simply looking to let off some steam for a few hours of craft time, the better the light, the more easily you can weave a little magic. If you have a window in your craft space, position your table or desk in this spot. If there is no window at hand, you could try looking for soft lighting that gives plenty of light without too much of an unnatural or harsh glare.

Try a movable desk.

Evolve Desk

Another trick to get the best light is to look for a movable desk that can easily be shifted around the room, such as the Evolve Sliding Desk. This type of surface space is also ideal for activities such as sewing, which typically requires being able to access your surface from various angles to measure, cut, fold and pin fabric. For those transforming a home office or even a quiet corner of a bedroom or guest room into a craft area, a movable desk will also help to pack away your crafts when not in use.

Add space with a double-sided desk.

Creating a Craft Room With VOX - Double Sided Desk

Double sided desks are great for kids who share a craft space. These desks are made with plenty of surface space so that two people can work on each side without cramping or interference. This type of desk will also free up space in smaller rooms, as more than one person can work at the desk at a time. Rather than having to fit in two desks, you can set up a single desk in a corner or against a wall. Desks such as the Spot Two-Sided Desk have optional extras such as desk organisers as well as drawers, which will keep art and craft supplies in easy reach.

Ready to get started with your own crafty space? Browse the selection of desks on offer at VOX to start planning your dream craft room today.

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Getting Your Home Office Organised for The Year Ahead

As we settle into 2018, now is the perfect time to think about how you can get your home office organised for the brand new year that lies ahead. Whether you are planning to redo your study completely, or simply add some smart storage units that will help you save space, reduce clutter and inspire productivity, we have a few tips to share that will help you get your plans underway.

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