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3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed

4You Canopy Bed

Choosing a bed can be a personal decision that requires more than a little thought. Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever own. A good bed makes all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a poor night’s sleep. A good bed will add to your room’s style without overpowering the room or looking out of place. A good bed is a place where you can retreat each night, waking up refreshed and ready to face the world.

Rather than rushing the process, it makes a lot of sense to think things through carefully when choosing a bed. Keep reading to get our expert tips on what to look for in the perfect bed.

Top Tips for Choosing a Bed

Some of the things that you will need to consider when choosing a bed that is just right for your needs include the following:

1/ Support

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Support

Support is easily one of the most important factors for any bed. That means a solid foundation, quality construction, quality materials and a design that is made to ensure that your bed lasts for a long, long time. Look for bed frames made from high quality wood or laminate material. Choose bases that have a simple design that is not likely to wobble easily. You want to be able to turn over without any creaking or movement. You don’t need to test drive every bed you consider to determine how stable it is, either. Instead, look for simple frames that have sturdy legs and a strong slatted base.

2/ Style

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Style

The overall look of the bed is also important. Think carefully about the style of your bedroom in general when deciding on what type of bed to choose. If your bedroom is modern and minimal, you will want a bed that suits this style without looking out of place. Think about the colour of your dresser, bedside tables, wardrobe and other bedroom furniture. You can also think about the finish you prefer as well as the overall design and style of the bed. Ideally, you want your bed to blend in without standing out for all the wrong reasons. White or wood is almost always a good choice as they are both versatile, simple and neutral.

3/ Size

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Size

Another thing to take into account is the size of the bed. Depending on whether you are furnishing an adult bedroom, teen room, kids bedroom, college dorm room or even a guest bedroom, the size of the bed will often come down to the size of the room, how much furniture is in the room and whether there is enough space to fit the bed in comfortably without any cramping. For a teen, dorm or guest room, a single bed or a bunk bed will be ideal. For an adult bedroom or guest room, or a spacious teen room, a double bed should work well.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing a bed, you can start hunting for the perfect bed that ticks all of your boxes.

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Guest Bedroom Essentials

Whether you are expecting family from abroad or renting out a spare room on Airbnb, planning the perfect guest bedroom comes down to focusing on the basics before pulling out all the stops. There are a few essentials that will go a long way in making guests feel at home. All too often, what guests remember most is not the red carpet and flowers you laid out but rather how comfortable their bed was, and whether or not they had enough space to hang up clothes.

 Guest Bedroom Essentials

What exactly makes for a dream guest bedroom? Keep reading to find out which essentials you will need to include if you want to make the right impression on your guests.

Must-Haves for a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Creating an inviting guest bedroom comes down to treating this room much as you would your own bedroom. That does not mean you have to replicate your room exactly. What it does mean is choosing the best quality bedroom furniture you can afford, and adding a few extra touches that go a long way in making your guests feel at home during their stay. Here are a few essentials that every guest room needs.

  • A comfortable bed. Depending on your space requirements, this could be a single bed or a double bed. You could consider a multi-functional unit that incorporates a bed, dresser and storage. You could try a beautifully designed canopy bed, a fold-out couch bed or a bunk bed. Whichever type of bed you choose, make sure that it is comfortable with a high-quality mattress and a sturdy base.
  • Bedside tables. Smaller rooms can get away with a single pedestal if the bed is set against a wall. If you have space, invest in a set of matching bedside tables that suit the bed and any other furniture in the room. These do not have to be fancy. Ideally, you want enough surface space to keep a glass of water, bedside lamp and perhaps a phone or a book, and a shelf or two for other items that your guests will want to keep nearby.
  • Bedroom storage. Unlike the master bedroom, you do not need a huge cupboard in the guest room. A modern dresser or chest of drawers that matches the bed and bedside tables will offer just enough space for your guests to store clothing during their stay. You could also try a dressing table to provide additional surface space.
  • Bookshelves. While not an absolute essential, a small bookcase can also be useful for your guest room. Fill it with a collection of easy to read books, coffee table books, photo books and anything else that you think your guests may enjoy. You could also add a plant or two and some decor touches to make the room feel homier.
  • Final touches. Last, but not least, you can add the final touches that will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Look for interesting bedside lamps, high-quality rugs, hardy houseplants that add a touch of greenery, and some artwork to place on walls and surfaces. If you really want to make the right impression, you could also create a special welcome basket for your guests, including your WiFi password, toiletries, towels and a few treats.

Once you have the basics in place, you can move on to the final touches. This will ensure that your guest bedroom is ready, with everything needed for an unforgettable stay.

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The Biggest Bedroom Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Bedroom furniture makes all the difference when it comes to planning your dream bedroom. While some people prefer to plan this room from scratch, others add to the room over a course of months, years or even decades. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the room does not appear too cluttered, disorganised or chaotic. Bedrooms are the one room in your home that can affect your mood and even your quality of sleep. With that in mind, there are a few things to consider when planning your bedroom that can change the look, feel and even the perceived space of the room.

Bedroom Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

If you have ever longed for a bedroom that matches, fitting together in a way that inspires sweet dreams, this guide is sure to be just what you need. A huge part of choosing bedroom furniture comes down to knowing what to avoid.

 The Biggest Bedroom Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

When you put thought into the bed, dresser, storage, bedding and decor you add to your bedroom, the result is a soothing, tranquil space that makes you want to settle in and unwind almost instantly. To ensure that you are able to achieve your zen-like bedroom, make sure that you stay clear of these mistakes when choosing furniture for your bedroom:

  • Mismatched furniture. That does not mean that every single item has to match exactly. Rather, it means that you need to use furniture in a similar style, colour or material to avoid a chaotic look. Mixing different styles can make the room seem small and cluttered. You could pair a simple wooden bed with a white dresser and wood cupboard, for example, or blend metal and wood.
  • Poorly sized furniture. It is always a good idea to start by measuring your room. A chunky bed may work in a medium to large room, but it would look cramped in a very small room. Likewise, large dressers and cupboards may overpower a small room. Choosing the right sized furniture will ensure that the room makes optimal use of the space you have rather than the space you wish you have.
  • Uncomfortable furniture. Comfort should never be compromised for style. Finding beautifully designed furniture that is also designed for everyday life. Beds should be made with ergonomics in mind, to ensure that they provide optimal support year after year. Storage should be at the right height, giving you ample space for your needs. Choosing uncomfortable furniture will not help make your bedroom any more relaxing.
  • Low-quality furniture. You don’t have to spend a fortune on planning your dream bedroom. That does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. The best way to avoid cheap, ugly furniture that is not designed with comfort or style in mind is to start with the basics and build on from there. Look for furniture that is reasonably priced without being poorly made. This will ensure that you never have to sleep on a bad that may fall apart before the year is over.

At VOX, we aim to help you create the perfect space for sleep and relaxation. Browse our full range of bedroom furniture to find beautifully made furniture that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Lighting

Wondering how to choose the right bedroom lighting? Essentially, there is no clear right or wrong answer when it comes to how much light you need in your bedroom. Every person and couple has their own preferences. Some prefer a brightly lit space that makes up for a lack of windows or natural light. Others feel more comfortable with soft lighting that is relaxing and soothing.

With that said, there are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting your bedroom lighting. Keep reading to get our tips on how to light your bedroom in a way that ensures solid sleep and pleasant dreams.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting serves a number of purposes. Lighting is a simple way to change up your decor style, with the help of quirky, eye-catching and interesting overhead lights, floor lamps and bedside lamps. But lighting can also help to create ambience, which turns your bedroom into a sanctuary. The type and brightness of the bulbs you choose, the colour of the light you choose, the location of your lights and features such as dimmers can all contribute to the quality of light in your bedroom.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Lighting

To ensure that your bedroom is perfectly lit, here are a few things to consider:

  • The type of ambience you wish to create. You might be aiming for a romantic atmosphere, a soothing and calming atmosphere, a dramatic ambience or something simple and functional. Once you know what sort of ambience you want to create, you can choose lamps and bulbs that help you achieve this ambience. For example, colour tinted lighting can be romantic or dramatic, while soft glow bulbs create a soothing effect. Brighter glow bulbs are good for bedside lights if you do a lot of reading in bed.
  • The amount of natural light available. If your bedroom has no windows, skylights or natural light, you will need brighter overhead lighting. If your room gets enough natural light, you can try a softer overhead light that is balanced by standing and table lamps. You could also consider dimmers that give you control over the amount of light you need at any given time.
Muse Floor Lamp - Black
Muse Floor Lamp – Black
  • The style and size of your room. From a decorative perspective, the best way to choose lights for your bedside table and ceiling is to consider the look of your room and home. Modern overhead lamps may look out of place in a room that is bohemian or romantic, while over the top lamps might not work well in a minimal bedroom. When in doubt, opt for neutral colours such as black, white or wood and classic designs that will look good in any room. Remember that size matters. Very large lights can make smaller rooms appear cramped. Smaller lights can get lost in a larger room. Choose lighting that is sized correctly for your space to ensure balance.

If you’re looking for contemporary, beautifully designed lighting options, be sure to browse the lighting collection from VOX. We offer a selection of bedroom lighting that includes pendants, floor lamps and bedside lamps.


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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Couples

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about bedroom ideas for couples. Creating a soothing sanctuary that gives you both a place to relax, unwind and restore your senses can be a challenge, especially when you both have very different decor preferences. Continue reading Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Couples

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How to Create a Minimal Bedroom With the Simple Collection

If you have been daydreaming about creating a soothing minimal bedroom that is free of excessive stuff, detail and colour, the Simple range is just what you need for your sanctuary. This range features simply designed furniture made of laminated chipboard. A choice of white or black fronts and casings, made of painted soft touch finish board, contrast gently against oak frames, resulting in soothing, calming furniture that easily blends into its surrounds.

In today’s busy world, the need for a modern, minimal bedroom is more important than ever. Create a tranquil sleeping space that showcases a few key pieces that will not distract the eye or the mind. Keep reading to find out how the VOX Simple Collection helps you plan a minimalist hideaway for your home.

Minimal Bedroom Must-Haves: The VOX Simple Collection

Create your minimal bedroom with the help of these must-haves from the Simple Collection by VOX.

The Bed

Simple Double Bed
Simple Double Bed

The Simple Double Bed has a durable oak frame and a choice of a plain, white or black headboard. Solid wood legs further add to the bed’s durable frame and simple design. Made to European standards, the bed is extra long, made to fit a 140cm x 200cm mattress. What makes this bed ideal for a minimal style bedroom for adults or teens is its contemporary design that fuses European chic and understated elegance.

The Cupboard

Vox Simple Furniture Collection
The Simple Cupboard in Oak and White.

The clean combination of white and wood lends itself to bright, open, airy bedrooms that are free of clutter and chaos. Paired with a beautiful cotton or hemp duvet set, a natural fibre rug, a potted plant or two, and clean, open walls, the Simple Cupboard in Oak & White is streamlined enough to fit against a wall, without taking up too much space. This cupboard is the ideal place to store your capsule wardrobe along with your basic essentials.

The Dresser

The Simple Dresser features a nifty functional slat to store all your everyday necessities.

Pairing perfectly with the cupboard, the Simple Dresser continues the white and oak style, with four spacious, easy-open drawers that have a white finished front. A separate functional slot piece can be added to store all your beloved belongings in the cleanest way possible. Position next to your cupboard for an expanded storage area.

The Night Stand

Simple Nightstand in White

For the final touch, complete the look with the Simple Night Stand in white. This unit features the same subtle black pull tab as the cupboard and dresser, continuing the sleek design of the Simple range. The door opens to reveal two spacious shelves. Paired with the Simple bed and its matching storage units, the result is a room that is calm, unadorned, and ideal for soothing slumber without clutter or chaos.

Looking for something different? Browse our bedroom furniture to see what other items we have in store for your minimal bedroom.

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Elegance Through Simplicity – The Simple Collection

Vox Simple Furniture Collection

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – this famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci is what defines the journey we are about to take you on. The Simple Collection from VOX offers you the opportunity to bring an understated elegance into your home. Let’s set the scene for a new backdrop to your life with the help of Simple. Continue reading Elegance Through Simplicity – The Simple Collection

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An Ideal Spot For A Slumber

Spot Bedroom

In need of an ideal “spot’ for a slumber? After the hustle and bustle of a working day, a place to rest is of the utmost importance for you to get your bearings back to face another day. The Spot Collection of innovative furniture brings a design that helps you to organise your space better and provides you with a comfortable space to rest and ease your mind.
Continue reading An Ideal Spot For A Slumber