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Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery

Nature Baby

Planning a baby nursery is fun, rewarding, and just a little bit confusing if you are new to parenthood. Many new parents rush out and buy every possible item they can think of before realising that small babies require very little in the way of furniture. When you are planning a nursery that is every bit as contemporary as the rest of your home, you can embrace the minimal trend by focusing only on the items that will be used during the first year or two.

The most essential items that every baby nursery needs include somewhere to sleep (a crib, cot or cradle), a dresser that has ample space for nappy changing (a compactum), and additional storage for clothing and other items (a wardrobe or shelving unit). To find out more, keep reading for our tips on planning a modern baby room that is functional yet stylish.

How to Plan a Modern Baby Nursery

Plan a baby nursery that is modern, airy, and nurturing with the help of these simple tips:

Look for convertible furniture.

 Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture is without a doubt the smartest way to take your little one from infancy to childhood. This means that the furniture will last through the years all the way until your child becomes a tween or teen. In this way, the nursery can easily adapt to your child’s needs throughout each stage of growth, without the need to replace anything or do any major revamps. Convertible cots are designed to serve as secure, protected cots while your baby is still small, adapting into bed as your baby gets closer to the toddler years. Other dual purpose furniture includes compactums that adapt into dressers or desks.

Choose soothing natural colours.

 Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Soothing Naturals

A modern, minimal nursery in shades of white and wood will create a calming environment that is conducive to sleep – always a good thing for tired parents. Look for cots, cupboards, compactums, and storage in soft shades of wood that can easily adapt to your child as he or she makes the transition from the baby years to childhood. With neutral furniture, you will be able to easily change the look of the room by changing up rugs, bedding, and other decor touches, all the while maintaining a stylish, simple foundation.

Opt for smart design.

Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Smart Design

Well-crafted furniture that is made to last will ensure optimal safety at all times. Even if you do not choose convertible pieces, furniture that is made to last can be handed down to friends or family, sold or kept for future babies. Clean lines, solid construction, and premium materials are essential when choosing furniture for your nursery. Flat-pack furniture can be easily stored when not in use, without taking up much space.

Ready to start planning your dream nursery? View the full range of baby nursery essentials in the Baby VOX collection.

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The Nursery That Grows With You – 4You Baby Collection

4You Cot Bed

Creating a baby nursery that grows with your little one is not as challenging as you may have thought, thanks to the versatile VOX 4You Baby Collection. Featuring functional baby furniture that adapts to your baby’s growth stages, from newborn all the way to childhood. This collection is not only practical – it is also stylish and durable. Made from high-quality materials, with soft-touch finishes and clean lines, the neutral white and wood tones of this range also make it easy to change the look of your baby nursery as your baby enters each unique stage.

Keep reading to find out more about how the 4You Baby Collection helps you navigate the early years with long-lasting furniture that changes to suit your baby’s and child’s needs.

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