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Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori

The Lori collection from VOX makes it easier than ever to plan the perfect home office designed to nurture creativity and productivity. Along with the signature bookcases, this range now includes two new bookcases with openwork doors – a corner bookcase and a double wide bookcase.

 Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori

Paired with the open bookcases, the new shelving units will help you create a wall-to-wall shelving unit that can easily transform open-plan areas into designated work areas. This range will also allow you to plan a man cave or a separate home office that is organised and seamlessly integrated.

Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori - Bookcases with Openwork

How do you go about creating a study that inspires plenty of hard work and focus, you may be wondering? Join us today as we share some tips on creating your dream office while showing you how the new Lori bookcases make the process even easier.

Creating a Seamless Home Office

Creating a home office is not as challenging as it may seem. Some tips to help you make the most of your home study area include the following:

Choose the right storage.

While a good desk is also essential, storage is by far one of the most important things of all when planning your study. The more effectively you are able to keep your papers, books, and other items in order, the more space you will have within the room itself. Open storage can be fine for books and files, but closed storage is often required for paperwork and items that you want to keep secure. The Lori wide bookcase and corner bookcase with openwork doors both offer ample storage space, with see-through screen doors that maintain privacy while still making it easy to find what you need. When paired alongside open shelf bookcases, the effect is a fully integrated shelving system.

Keep it simple.

When you try to mix and match too many different units, the effect can be less than harmonious. Keep it simple by choosing one range and style, with variations in the shelving units rather than the colour and finish. When you choose a coordinated desk as well, you are able to create an area that flows without any clashes or contrasts. Stick to simple colour schemes in wood or dark finishes that will go with any additional furniture you add to the room.

Avoid cramping.

Finally, another reason to invest in bookcases that provide ample storage is that they give the illusion of space. When you have very small bookcases that do not offer much in the way of storage, it is far easier to end up piling books, papers, and other items on available surfaces. Needless to say, this quickly ups the risk of cramping. With corner bookcases, you don’t even need a separate room to create a study area. Even the smallest sectioned off work area will look more spacious when you have adequate storage.

Ready to create the perfect place to work and create? Browse the full Lori range now to start planning your dream home office.


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Planning a University Dorm Room Revamp

Lori Boys Bedroom

Whether you are searching for university dorm furniture for your first digs or helping your child get their very first student dorm room kitted out, trying to decide what to include in a dorm room is not always the easiest task. Most official res rooms are small, cramped and shared with a dorm mate. Much like choosing the right furniture can help you plan a small apartment or studio, knowing which university dorm furniture to choose can go a long way in helping you furnish this room in a way that gives you the biggest amount of space.

How to Choose University Dorm Furniture

Which pieces are a must-have? Which items can you live without? Take the guesswork (and stress) out of choosing university dorm furniture with the help of these handy tips.

Choose multi-functional pieces.

Planning a University Dorm Room Revamp - Multi Functional Pieces

You will likely not be able to squeeze in a double bed, bookshelf, closet, desk and dining table or kitchenette unless you get lucky and find a large room. Instead of trying to fit in as much furniture as you think is needed, get smart and look for convertible, multi-functional furniture that can easily adapt to your needs. Look for storage beds, compact tables that fold out to seat more people, bookcases that double as room dividers and other items that make the best use of available space.

Use wall storage to maximise space.

Planning a University Dorm Room Revamp - Wall Space

Another way to make the most of limited space is to use walls instead of floors. Wall-mounted desks and shelves will take up less room than traditional desks and shelves, making the room appear bigger. This will also reduce clutter (a major challenge in any dorm room) and give you more room for seating. When you choose folding shelves, you’ll also be able to pack up your work area when it’s time to down tools and relax.

Look for hidden storage options.

Planning a University Dorm Room Revamp - Hidden Storage

Finally, another simple way to find more space even in the tiniest of res units is to find furniture that offers hidden storage. This will keep your stuff safely out of the way, freeing up space for the important things like beds, seating and TV units. Underbed storage is another effective way to reduce space – make sure that you look for beds that are high enough to fit drawers below.

The good news is that choosing well-made, high-quality furniture for your dorm is the best way to ensure that your furniture sees you through your study years. Once you find your first apartment, you will have the basics sorted already. Rather than buying the first cheap furniture you see, it is therefore well worthwhile putting a bit of thought into your university dorm furniture to make sure that you choose functional pieces that will last.


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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Couples

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about bedroom ideas for couples. Creating a soothing sanctuary that gives you both a place to relax, unwind and restore your senses can be a challenge, especially when you both have very different decor preferences. Continue reading Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Couples

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Our First Home Together

The summer season is in full swing and for South African couples looking to tie the knot; a summer wedding provides the ideal setting for a memorable occasion and for newlyweds to move into their first home. With this many lovebirds have purchased their first home together to kick-start their new journey together post-nuptials. In preparation for this, we have put together a few things to help you get your first home ready. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

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