Stige Desk

Independence and creativity are very important to kids, and the Stige Collection understands that. Make your space your own. The Stige Desk from the Stige Collection of modular furniture allows kids to build their first custom-made space. And then to work in it…

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  • Stige Bed

    Stige Bed

  • Stige Cubic Shelf - BlueStige Desk

    Stige Cubic Shelf – Blue

  • Stige Cubic Shelf - PineStige Desk

    Stige Cubic Shelf – Pine

  • Stige Cubic Shelf - PistachioStige Desk

    Stige Cubic Shelf – Pistachio

  • Stige DeskStige Desk & Accessories

    Stige Desk

  • Stige Organiser - LargeStige Organiser - Large

    Stige Organiser – Large

  • Stige Organiser - SmallStige Organiser - Small

    Stige Organiser – Small

  • Stige Storage Cube - Pine

    Stige Storage Cube – Pine