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Space Savvy Solutions We Love

These space-saving solutions are ideal for studio apartments, tiny cottages, and any other type of small space. Designed to help you make use of the space you have, rather than the space you wish you had, these space-saving solutions from VOX also give you the benefit of contemporary designs that ensure that you don’t ever have to compromise on style.

Smart Space-Saving Solutions

Our top space saving solutions for smaller spaces include the following ideas:

Room dividers do not have to be boring or purely decorative.

Look for creative ways to divide a living room. The 4You Two-Sided Bookcase is a stylish way to section off a study area without losing out on storage space. Whether used to display books, momentoes or anything else, you can add even more functionality to this unit with the add-on oak chests in small, medium and large. This unit works equally well in studio apartments to section off a sleeping nook.

Storage does not have to be static.

Vox 4You Cupboard Open
Vox 4You Cupboard Open

Flexible storage solutions such as the 4You Storage Chest Set allow you to take full control over shelving. These beautiful, simply designed blocks are available in a selection of sizes, colours, and heights. This means that you can stack your chests in the best way to suit your space. Ideal for bedrooms, living areas, and work areas, these chests are a cost-effective solution for modern homes.

Tables don’t have to be restrictive, either.

Spot Dining Area
Spot Dining Area

Thanks to clever tables such as the Spot Extendable Dining Table, you can adjust your table to suit your needs. This table can be extended to accommodate extra guests or kept as is for a smaller table that easily fits into a small space. With its clean A-frame design and acacia legs, this table blends into just about every decor style.

Beds do not need to take up much room.

If you are trying to plan a child’s room without sacrificing space, the Evolve Couch Bed is sure to be the ideal solution. Thanks to its removable couch-like pillow, this bed can easily perform double duty as a couch. This modern bed has space for a slide-out underbed as well as additional storage space (both available separately).

What space savvy tricks have helped you optimise a smaller space effectively? Share your space-saving solutions in the comments below and let us know what has worked.

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