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Small Space Living In Big Cities

As young working professionals, starting off your career in the big city and moving into a small space can be daunting. You want to find balance within your small space so that you can come home and relax your mind after a hard day at the office. How do we achieve a balanced space? Well, in this piece, we give you some tips and show you how VOX furniture can bring it all together.

Keep Things Simple In A Small Space

To avoid clutter, it is best to keep things simple in a small space. More often than not we go in with the intention to slim down on what we have, but end up bringing all the varsity trinkets along with us into our new space. If you cant let go of it and don’t really need it, it is best to send it to storage. But hey we are all human and there are just some keepsakes that we can’t go a day without. When it comes to these items, clever storage within your space is a necessity. Think wall mountable shelving units where you can display the things you love and store the things you need at the same time.

Small Space Living - Simple
Simple Collection From VOX

The Simple collection from VOX has the solution for you. Pictured above is the Simple Wall Shelf with Hooks. Simplistic in its design, this beautiful piece of furniture works well for small space living as it can house the things you need and can be mounted on your wall to give the effect of a floating piece. This will allow you to keep things clean and simple.

Multi-Functionality Is Key

When it comes to smaller city apartments, you will need to go multi-functional. Your main objective should be to keep things well organised, as a small space can get cluttered very quickly. So purchasing the right furniture that doubles up in its usage is imperative. Think a table that offers you storage facility and is small enough for your space, but extendable when you need it. Or a bookcase that will allow you to segment one room into two, so that you can maximise on space.

Smaller Space 4You
4You Extendable Dining Table

The 4You Extendable Dining Table above offers open alcoves below the table surface that can house 4You drawers for storage of dining essentials and the table can be extended for when guests come over. Making this a stylish and suitable option for small space living. And to top it all off, it has a clever recess built into the table where you can house herbs and create the most impressive centerpieces.

A Bedroom Fit For A King Within A Small Space

We all know a good night’s rest is very important when it comes to the young working professional. And living in a small space you should not cut down on comfort. A good idea is to get a bed that offers you ample space to store the things you need and at the same time doesn’t take away too much of your limited space. So instead of going king size and filling up your entire room, go double extra length instead.

Small Space Spot
Spot Double Bed Incl Storage Headboard

The Spot Double Bed Incl Storage Headboard gives you ample storage built into the headboard where you can store bedding & other essentials. The headboard also acts as a nightstand of sorts where you can place a table lamp and your favourite books for nighttime reading. Truly a piece of furniture that has been designed with the small space in mind.

What have you done to maximise on space within your haven? Let us know by commenting below. Be sure to like us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about our helpful blog posts. Follow us on Instagram @VoxFurnitureSA and get inspired.

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