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Six Necessities For Teen Bedrooms

Today’s teens live the busiest of lives, therefore, functional teen bedrooms that help deliver their best have become essential. With school work, extra-curriculars, sports and a blossoming social life, a teen bedroom that is comfortable and practical has become pivotal to the growth and development of a happy teen. To help you get your teens space in tip-top shape, we have compiled a list of ten necessities for teen bedrooms. So, sit back, relax and let us help you set up the ideal space for your teen.

Teen Bedrooms Today – Questions You Should Be Asking

What are the necessities teens can’t go without in their bedroom? This is the question we as parents need to ask when considering what’s needed in your teen’s bedroom. The next question that should be on your mind is the question of longevity. How long will these necessities be of use in their space and beyond? Then there is the question of frugality. Are these necessities an investment worth investing into? For teen bedrooms today you want a space which will last throughout their schooling years. A space that works with them and eventually can make for a pretty awesome guest room once they leave the nest. With these ten necessities for teen bedrooms, all of these questions will be answered to your liking.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No.1 – A Bed Fit For A Teen

Growth is the name of the game with teens. Once teens hit their high school years, they will start to grow into their adult body. With this in mind, a good bed that offers your teen extra-length for comfort is a necessity. With so many options out there where beds are concerned, you need to remember the questions you asked of yourself. When it comes to longevity and frugality, a bed that doubles up as a day bed with storage makes sense. Why? Well, a bed like this coupled with extra-length will allow your teen to have the added storage space that they need for all those sporting gear and musical instruments. Think of a bed that is height adjustable or that comes with a trundle where they can keep their extracurricular essentials well organised. A bed like this can also double up as a bed for your guest room once they leave the nest. Check out the 4You Canopy Bed that gives you this option and is made to European Quality Standards, so you can be assured of longevity.

Teen Bedrooms - 4You
The 4You Canopy Bed – Ideal for the growing teen.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No. 2 – A Workable Workspace

In high school, your teen’s workload is going to get heavier as the years go by. Therefore a workable workspace is of the utmost importance to deliver their best work. So a desk that offers ample room to do their projects, study and read is a necessity. This, along with space to store stationary is important. You want them to be able to sit down and focus and not worry about where to find what they need. Make sure that the desk is of a good quality – check out the Concept Desk which offers a sturdy place to work with space to store all their essentials.

Concept Desk - Teen Bedrooms
The Concept Desk – Ideal for school projects.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No. 3 – Ample Storage Space

When it comes to teen bedrooms, ample storage space is a necessity. When you think of all of the activities that they partake in on a daily basis, with it comes gear and essentials that need to be stored. Couple this with their clothing, shoes, and accessories and you will soon see that clever storage solutions are key. Make sure that your teen has ample closet and shelving space. You want them to also be able to showcase their keepsakes. Think of shelving units where they can easily reach for the books that they need and display things that are important to them. Have a look at the Evolve Hanging Wall Shelf and the Evolve Wardrobe with Drawer, made with teens in mind.

Evolve - Teen Bedrooms
The Evolve Teen Bedroom – Notice the Evolve Hanging Wall Shelf to your right and the Evolve Wardrobe with Drawer to your left.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No. 4 – Make It Comfortable

After a hard day at school and being out and about, your teen’s bedroom should be a place of comfort for them to come home to. Therefore, when decorating, adding elements that make their room more comfortable is important. Elements such as comfortable bedding that suits their individual style. A durable rug for those moments where they wish to hang out or study on the floor. These soft touches make the world of difference in turning their room from a mere bedroom into a little haven. You want their room to be a place where they can hang out with their friends and family and build fond memories. For handmade bedding that will send them off to dreamland in comfort have a look here. And for a durable rug that is machine-washable and soft to the touch, have a look here.

Teen Bedrooms - Evolve
The Evolve Collection easily creates a comfortable and functional space for your teen.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No. 5 – The Right Lighting

In your teen’s bedroom, it is important to have proper lighting. With the amount of reading and studying that will hopefully be done, lighting that is too dim can cause strain on eyes which can lead to headaches. It is important for you to invest in a good desk lamp and make sure that overhead lighting is bright enough to be able to read in bed. Floor lamps also help with ambience and can make things more comfortable with leisurely reading on a comfortable rug. Have a look at our selection of affordable lighting here.

Teen Bedrooms - Lighting
Notice the Muse Floor Lamp in white. A beautiful touch to your teen’s bedroom lighting.

Teen Bedrooms Necessity No. 6 – Decor Essentials

For teens, expressing themselves is important. Therefore, when it comes to decorating you should try to really involve them. Allow them to choose items that appeal to their personal taste. This will show your teen that you deem their opinions as important and worthy. In order for you to guide the way, show what appeals to you and sit down and come to a middle ground as to where the style of your home carries through to their room without it mimicking the rest of the house. It is their little haven after all. The expression of self, will help lead the way to healthy adulthood.

Vox 4You Study Desk
Vox 4You Study Desk

What do you think is the most important aspect of a teen bedroom? Let us know by commenting below. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @VoxFurnitureSA

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