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Scandi Style Home Decor Dos and Don’ts

Dreaming about modern Scandi style home decor that turns your space into a soothing retreat? This trend has evolved over the years, from a stark monochrome look to something that is warm, unique and surprisingly low-key. The versatility of this trend makes it ideal for just about every space. To help you stay on track, we have put together some simple dos and don’ts on how to use Scandi style home decor effectively.

Getting the Most from Scandi Style Home Decor

Some of our tips for getting the most from Scandi style home decor include the following:


This look is surprisingly versatile and simple, whatever your budget and tastes. Some of the ways that you can turn your bedroom into a modern Scandinavian sanctuary include the following:

  • Do add some soft colours to break up the monochrome. Modern Scandinavian styles infuse gentle colours that add warmth and a touch of subtle boho style. Navy blue and desaturated colours both work well in a modern, minimal space that has a lot of black and white. Wood also helps to warm up a white room.
  • Do invest in high-quality furniture that will last. This trend is about classic pieces that will see you through many years. Invest in beautifully made beds, dining sets, couches, and furniture that will add impact without taking over the room. Look for clean lines and simple, modern designs in white, black or wood.
  • Do remember the small details. An interesting lamp, an eye-catching chair, a statement headboard and even a unique rug or table can all add impact without losing the subtle effect of this look. Artwork and plants can also make a huge difference.


 Scandi Style Home Decor Dos and Donts - Dont

While the boho look certainly has its place, Scandi style is all about minimal, soft and subtle rather than over the top colour, pattern and texture. Some don’ts to keep your look on point include the following:

  • Don’t overdo colours or patterns. A few simple patterns in monochrome tones can be striking. Too many different colours and patterns, and the look loses its minimal effect. Choose a single colour scheme and use that as your guide when choosing patterns. You can also pair patterns by size, shape, and overall style rather than mixing and matching too heavily.
  • Don’t let clutter take over. Clutter is the worst thing for any minimal home. For Scandinavian style spaces, clutter can ruin the clean lines and simplicity of the look, resulting in something that can be a bit too chaotic for many. Look for storage solutions that offer ample space to keep valuables out of sight so that surfaces can stay neat.
  • Don’t try to mix and match too many styles. You may like elements of the Scandinavian trend and elements of the boho trend. With the exception of boho Scandinavian (which is a whole other trend of its own), trying to blend two different styles can end up looking chaotic rather than interesting.

We hope that these tips make it a bit easier to plan your dream home. If you’re looking for high quality European made furniture that adds the perfect touch to your Scandi style home decor, be sure to visit the VOX online shop to see what we currently have in store.

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