Maxim Baby Furniture

Invest in your baby’s room and the sweet taste of freedom with the Maxim Cot Bed. As you can remove three bars as soon as your little can walk, allowing them to go out of the cot whenever they want (that means no more yelling for mom or dad when nap time is over and need you to lift them out the cot). Once they’re too big for you to lift them all together, you can convert the cot into a comfortable toddler bed. Talk about an investment.

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  • Maxim Compactum
    Maxim Compactum

    Maxim Compactum

  • Maxim Cot & Compactum
    Maxim Compactum

    Maxim Cot & Compactum

    R8,000.00 R6,980.00
  • Maxim Cot Bed
    Maxim Cot Bed - Toddler Conversion

    Maxim Cot Bed