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What To Look Out For When Shopping Online

In today’s digital consumer-driven age, shopping online has become part of our modern day culture. We live in a time where everything is readily available right at our fingertips. A couple of decades ago we wouldn’t even have thought of purchasing our full living space online. With so many options available to us today, what do we need to look out for when making an informed online purchase decision? Here we share a few tips that will help you out.

Website Fame Counts For Something When Shopping Online

When making online purchases you will be handing some personal information over to the online retailer of your choice, so before doing so, do some research on whom you will be doing business with. A well established social media following with an active feed on all of the big platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is a good starting point. Also, take note of customer comments and reviews on these pages. Online retailers are all about digital presence, so investment into marketing campaigns is a good indication of companies that mean good and honest business.

The Lock Is  Key When Shopping Online

When shopping online never use your credit card on a website that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed at the very least with a secure payment gateway. How do you know if a website has SSL? When looking at the URL of the website it will start with HTPPS:// (instead of just HTTP://) and an icon of a locked padlock will appear, typically in the URL bar at the top of your web browser.

No Need To Tell It All

An online retailer will never need your ID number, passport details or your birthday to do business with you. If this is requested, a red flag should go up in your mind. A lot of damage can be done if someone were to obtain this information combined with your credit card details. The only things that an online retailer would need are your name, phone number and delivery address coupled with secure payment methods. Look out for their privacy policy in the terms and conditions and look out for clauses that state the protection and safety of your personal details.

Check Your Statements

Waiting for your bank statement to come at the end of the month may just be too late in some instances. Check your online bank statements regularly after having made online purchases with your credit card, debit card and checking accounts. Make sure you don’t see any fraudulent charges. If you do notice something that is not quite right, report it immediately to avoid liability. Try using your credit card instead of debit cards as credit cards offer more protection in terms of fraudulent activity.

The Importance Of A Strong Password

When banking and shopping online you will want your passwords to be bulletproof. With online shopping, you will be sharing some information that you don’t want readily available for the whole world to see. So make sure that you use your caps and symbols when creating your password and try to use unique password for various platforms. You can even get a password keeper app installed on your phone that will remember all of your complicated passwords whilst you simply need to remember one main password. Click here for a useful guide to help you create a solid password’

Shop Online From Home Or At The Office

Using your local internet café to make online purchases or log into your bank account is not really the best of ideas. If you do decide to do this, make sure to log out even if you’re just checking your emails. What about using your laptop to shop while out? It is one thing to hand over your credit card to swipe at a check out point and a whole other to punch in your credit card details online in a busy coffee shop that does not have a secure enough network. These public networks are easy to hack and should not be used for anything important. You are also giving over-the-shoulder peepers the opportunity to see your details. At the very least, if you must, find a secluded corner away from watching eyes and don’t log into anything important.

Now That Is Way Too Good To Be True

If something online sounds too good to be true, more than likely it is. Watch out for those offers where they give you a free product with purchase. Many of these offers will come to you via social media platforms. Being skeptic goes a long way towards saving you from stolen credit card details.

What other tips do you have that will help new online shoppers? Share with us by commenting below. Be sure to check out our wide variety of furniture items for your home at, for a secure pleasurable online shopping experience. For more informative blogs, be sure to like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know as they are released. Follow us on Instagram @VoxFurnitureSA and get inspired.

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