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How to Style an All White Bedroom

Dreaming of a soothing, airy white bedroom? Creating this look comes down to choosing a few signature furniture pieces in light wood or laminated white finish, painting your walls (if they are not already white), choosing the right rug or carpet, and finishing the look with a few decorative touches that enhance the light, bright effect of white rooms.

In this style guide, we show you how to easily style a white bedroom, so that you can start planning your dream bedroom. We have featured three looks, each of which offers a slightly different take on the white-hued room.

How to Create a Dreamy White Bedroom

To give you some inspiration for your room makeover, here are a few ways that you could style your white bedroom:

White Walls, Floors, Furniture and Bedding

How to Style an All White Bedroom - Walls and All

If you’re going for a full white-out effect, then you will need to think beyond your furniture and bedding. Whitewashed floors or white carpeting will help to maximise the effect of an all white room, in a way that is dramatic and yet surprisingly soothing. You don’t have to use the exact shade of white, either. In this example, untreated concrete helps to break up the white, while an off-white carpet also helps to soften the look. Look for a pure white bed, a modern white dresser and cupboard, and white pedestals to complete this look.

Splashes of Soft Colour

How to Style an All White Bedroom - Splashes of Colour

If you’re looking for a softer look, adding a few splashes of colour here and there can break up the white without losing the effect. Look for gentle shades in neutral and pastel for optimal results. Add in colour through blankets, duvet sets, cushions, rugs, planters, plants, baskets or even artwork or lighting. The trick to getting this right is to remember that less is more. Choose one or two colour splashes, and keep your furniture white to pull this look off without going too bright.

Modern and Minimal

How to Style an All White Bedroom - Modern Minimal
Simple Cupboard – White

For an ultra modern, minimal style, look for clean lines and contemporary designs that are off-set with small touches of black and wood here and there. A white cupboard, paired with a white dressing table, a black framed mirror, a black overhead light, a white bed and wood bed, soft white bedding, white bedside tables, white walls and white curtains or blinds will create an instant sanctuary for your bedroom with little to no effort. Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom will make all the difference.

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