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Delightful Dining – How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

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Ask any regular entertainer for dining room tips and you may receive a few different answers. Depending on your space, budget and overall requirements, there are a few tips that will always come in handy, however. The biggest tip of all is to use the space you have rather than the space you wish you had. Using space wisely will ensure that you choose the pieces that are just right for your dining room. With that in mind, we have put together a mini list of the most important dining room tips to help you plan your dream dining space.

Dining Room Tips for an Effortless Dining Space

Try these dining room tips to create an effortless, elegant dining space.

Look for savvy storage solutions.

 Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Savvy Storage

The right storage can make all the difference. All too often, storage is seen as something that is purely functional. Although you should be able to store your things safely, you don’t have to sacrifice style. If you have been lugging your hand-me-down dining cupboard every time you move home, it is high time that you invested in a modern, beautiful storage solution. Rather than hiding crockery, glassware and decor away, display it in a modern storage unit that blends into your dining room without taking up too much space. Look for neutral storage units that can blend into a wall without overpowering your dining table.

Invest in smart seating.

Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Smart Seating

Unlike chairs, which take up a fair amount of space unless they are stacked, benches can easily fit into a corner or against a wall. If you are low on space, you could look out for smart seating solutions such as storage benches, which double up as hidden compartments. Benches can also be used as side tables when not in use, which further adds to their versatility. Use your benches to store seat cushions, placemats, table clothes or even plates and cutlery. For best results, choose neutral benches made from quality wood. You can mix and match seat cushions with your table linens and crockery sets to change styles from elegant dinner parties to relaxed brunches or family breakfasts.

Choose space saving tables.

Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Space Saving

If you have an open plan dining room or limited space, try a space saving table that folds out or expands. This will allow you to add more seats when the need arises, without taking up a lot of space when the table is not in use. Depending on your space requirements, this type of table can easily adapt to your needs, so that you won’t have to worry about having enough space for that upcoming lunch party you have on the cards. Many modern expandable tables have special spaces for table centrepieces and other items, which further adds to the usefulness.

If you’re looking for a wide range of premium dining room tables, chairs, benches and storage cabinets, the VOX dining table and bench collection is sure to have just what you need. Put these dining room tips into action and find the ideal solutions to your dining needs.


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