Create a unique world for your teen by redefining their use of space. Modern, clean-lined and multi-functional, the Vox Concept range is innovative and versatile without compromising on comfort. With durable finishes and solid wood legs, this range is beautiful.

  • Concept Bedside Table

    Concept Bedside Table

  • Vox Concept DresserConcept Conpactum - Pink

    Concept Compactum without Changer – Various Colours

  • Concept Convertible CotConcept Convertible Cot

    Concept Convertible Cot

  • Concept Couch BedConcept Couch Bed with Lifter Frame

    Concept Couch Bed

  • Concept DeskConcept Desk

    Concept Desk

  • Concept DresserVox Concept Dresser

    Concept Dresser

  • Vox Concept Headboard BolsterConcept Furniture Collection

    Concept Headboard Bolster

  • Vox Concept Narrow BookcaseVox Concept Narrow Bookcase

    Concept Narrow Bookcase

  • Narrow Chest of Drawers

    Concept Narrow Chest of Drawers

  • Vox Concept Pedestal - Sky BlueVox Concept Pedestal

    Concept Pedestal – Sky Blue

  • Vox Concept PedestalVox Concept Pedestal - Pinik

    Concept Pedestal – Various Colours

  • Vox Concept Single BedConcept Convertible Cot Bed

    Concept Single Bed

  • Concept Three-Door WardrobeConcept Three-Door Wardrobe

    Concept Three-Door Wardrobe

  • Concept TV UnitConcept TV Unit

    Concept TV Unit

  • Vox Concept Two-Door WardrobeVox Concept Two-Door Wardrobe - Sky Blue

    Concept Two-Door Wardrobe – Various Colours