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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Lighting

Wondering how to choose the right bedroom lighting? Essentially, there is no clear right or wrong answer when it comes to how much light you need in your bedroom. Every person and couple has their own preferences. Some prefer a brightly lit space that makes up for a lack of windows or natural light. Others feel more comfortable with soft lighting that is relaxing and soothing.

With that said, there are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting your bedroom lighting. Keep reading to get our tips on how to light your bedroom in a way that ensures solid sleep and pleasant dreams.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting serves a number of purposes. Lighting is a simple way to change up your decor style, with the help of quirky, eye-catching and interesting overhead lights, floor lamps and bedside lamps. But lighting can also help to create ambience, which turns your bedroom into a sanctuary. The type and brightness of the bulbs you choose, the colour of the light you choose, the location of your lights and features such as dimmers can all contribute to the quality of light in your bedroom.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Lighting

To ensure that your bedroom is perfectly lit, here are a few things to consider:

  • The type of ambience you wish to create. You might be aiming for a romantic atmosphere, a soothing and calming atmosphere, a dramatic ambience or something simple and functional. Once you know what sort of ambience you want to create, you can choose lamps and bulbs that help you achieve this ambience. For example, colour tinted lighting can be romantic or dramatic, while soft glow bulbs create a soothing effect. Brighter glow bulbs are good for bedside lights if you do a lot of reading in bed.
  • The amount of natural light available. If your bedroom has no windows, skylights or natural light, you will need brighter overhead lighting. If your room gets enough natural light, you can try a softer overhead light that is balanced by standing and table lamps. You could also consider dimmers that give you control over the amount of light you need at any given time.
Muse Floor Lamp - Black
Muse Floor Lamp – Black
  • The style and size of your room. From a decorative perspective, the best way to choose lights for your bedside table and ceiling is to consider the look of your room and home. Modern overhead lamps may look out of place in a room that is bohemian or romantic, while over the top lamps might not work well in a minimal bedroom. When in doubt, opt for neutral colours such as black, white or wood and classic designs that will look good in any room. Remember that size matters. Very large lights can make smaller rooms appear cramped. Smaller lights can get lost in a larger room. Choose lighting that is sized correctly for your space to ensure balance.

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