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Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori

The Lori collection from VOX makes it easier than ever to plan the perfect home office designed to nurture creativity and productivity. Along with the signature bookcases, this range now includes two new bookcases with openwork doors – a corner bookcase and a double wide bookcase.

 Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori

Paired with the open bookcases, the new shelving units will help you create a wall-to-wall shelving unit that can easily transform open-plan areas into designated work areas. This range will also allow you to plan a man cave or a separate home office that is organised and seamlessly integrated.

Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Lori - Bookcases with Openwork

How do you go about creating a study that inspires plenty of hard work and focus, you may be wondering? Join us today as we share some tips on creating your dream office while showing you how the new Lori bookcases make the process even easier.

Creating a Seamless Home Office

Creating a home office is not as challenging as it may seem. Some tips to help you make the most of your home study area include the following:

Choose the right storage.

While a good desk is also essential, storage is by far one of the most important things of all when planning your study. The more effectively you are able to keep your papers, books, and other items in order, the more space you will have within the room itself. Open storage can be fine for books and files, but closed storage is often required for paperwork and items that you want to keep secure. The Lori wide bookcase and corner bookcase with openwork doors both offer ample storage space, with see-through screen doors that maintain privacy while still making it easy to find what you need. When paired alongside open shelf bookcases, the effect is a fully integrated shelving system.

Keep it simple.

When you try to mix and match too many different units, the effect can be less than harmonious. Keep it simple by choosing one range and style, with variations in the shelving units rather than the colour and finish. When you choose a coordinated desk as well, you are able to create an area that flows without any clashes or contrasts. Stick to simple colour schemes in wood or dark finishes that will go with any additional furniture you add to the room.

Avoid cramping.

Finally, another reason to invest in bookcases that provide ample storage is that they give the illusion of space. When you have very small bookcases that do not offer much in the way of storage, it is far easier to end up piling books, papers, and other items on available surfaces. Needless to say, this quickly ups the risk of cramping. With corner bookcases, you don’t even need a separate room to create a study area. Even the smallest sectioned off work area will look more spacious when you have adequate storage.

Ready to create the perfect place to work and create? Browse the full Lori range now to start planning your dream home office.


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Gear Into Spring With a Brand New Look

Spring has almost sprung and what better excuse to start thinking about a home revamp than the start of a new season? Spring is a time for renewal, shaking off the cold winter and making the slow transition towards the warmer months.

Gear Into Spring With a Brand New Look

For homes, this is a great time to clear out clutter, do a good clean, and look at revamping your space so that it gives you optimal joy and comfort. Keep reading to find out how to plan the ideal spring home revamp.

Planning a Home Revamp This Spring?

Step into the new season with a home revamp that inspires fresh starts and new perspectives. The good news is that you don’t have to make major structural changes to enjoy a new look. Some changes can be as simple as changing up your decor, while other changes can be done with a fresh coat of paint or a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture that instantly uplift your space. To plan your spring makeover, consider the tips below.

Add greenery.

Gear Into Spring With a Brand New Look - Add Greenery

Even a single houseplant can instantly brighten your space. Plants are not only good from a visual point of view, however. They also help to clean the air, catch dust, and even provide a sense of calm. With many water-wise options available, it is best to avoid plants that require a lot of watering. The easiest plants that require minimal upkeep include dracaena species such as corn plants as well as ficus species such as rubber plants. Palms and bamboo also help to add greenery.

Go bold.

Gear Into Spring With a Brand New Look - Go Bold

If you’re looking for something more drastic, a focus wall will certainly brighten things up quickly. Rather than painting the entire room, focus walls allow you to play with colour by focusing on just a single wall. Those who love colour could choose a softer shade for the remaining walls or keep those white to increase the dramatic effect of the focus wall. Try jazzing up your dining room, passage or kitchen to bring in some colour. Colours that are great for spring include turquoise, green, pinks, coral, and even purple. To get the best effect from a focus wall, it helps to keep your decor minimal and neutral. That will allow the colour to pop without being overwhelming.

Inspire calm.

Gear Into Spring With a Brand New Look - Inspire Calm

Feeling stuck and in need of a full change? Tired, bored or simply feeling a bit cramped in your current bedroom? Create a bedroom sanctuary with a few carefully selected pieces, such as a modern wooden bed and matching nightstand and dresser. Pair with blankets, cushions, rugs, and bedding in soft neutrals that further help to inspire a sense of peace and tranquillity. Remember, your bedroom is meant to be your retreat where you can escape the world. You can enjoy plenty of renewal even by focusing only on this room. A revamped bedroom can do wonders for your well-being, making this perfect for your spring redo. For more tips, view our guide to planning a minimal bedroom.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune or hire a team of renovators to enjoy a change. Try one or more of these tips and your home revamp can be achieved simply and easily.

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Simple Dining Room Solutions

Wondering how to create a stunning yet simple dining room? It’s easier than you may think. The secret to creating an inviting room comes down to taking the time to choose a few signature pieces rather than trying to stuff the room full of items. A minimal, straightforward dining area will create the illusion of space even when you have very little floor space available. It will also be easier to clean and easier on the eye as well.

Simple Dining Room Solutions

Ready to find out how to create the perfect space for your dining area? Here are some easy but effective tips on how to create a beautifully simple dining room that is just right for your home.

Get Inspired by These Simple Dining Room Ideas

Whether you have a small space or you are aiming to redo your current dining area, you don’t have to change too much to create the perfect place for breakfasts, meals and dinner parties. Try these ideas on how to create a simple dining room that adapts to your needs.

Choose neutral colours.

Simple Dining Room Solutions - Neutral

When you have a neutral table with neutral chairs and neutral storage, you have far more room to change up your style without having to redo your entire dining room. Look for versatile pieces in calming, neutral tones and materials. Oak, white and black will never go out of fashion, never clash with any of your other furniture, never look messy, and never fail to offer a plain backdrop for bright decor touches. That way, you can add colour through contemporary dishes, vases, plants, rugs, placemats, centrepieces, baskets, lights, ornaments, and wall art, while keeping your dining room nice and clean.

Choose a flexible dining table.

 Simple Dining Room Solutions - Table

Dining tables may seem to be much the same, with only the size and shape that makes any difference. In reality, not all tables are the same. You get your average fixed-length tables that give you exactly what they offer. Then, you get adjustable tables that can add more space without taking up a lot of room when not in use. The latter is ideal for apartments, smaller spaces, open plan dining spaces, and any other home that prefers to be flexible. Look for well-designed extendable tables that can easily expand to suit your needs. Round tables, in general, are also often more compact – especially if they expand in use.

Choose smart storage.

 Simple Dining Room Solutions - Storage

Dining room storage is often overlooked. There are a few ways that you could approach storage in your dining area. You could try open storage that uses bookshelves to display crockery, selected pots, baskets, plants, and other decor touches in a way that adds impact. You could look for simple closed storage that keeps your dining supplies out of the way without taking up too much space. You could even opt for a combination of closed and open storage to display the things you want to feature and keep the rest out of sight. Wall storage further helps to create storage without taking up too much space.

The Simple range offers a modern, minimal collection of furniture that is ideal for dining rooms. Browse the Simple furniture collection to find beautifully made simple dining room furniture that adds plenty of value to your home.

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Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery

Nature Baby

Planning a baby nursery is fun, rewarding, and just a little bit confusing if you are new to parenthood. Many new parents rush out and buy every possible item they can think of before realising that small babies require very little in the way of furniture. When you are planning a nursery that is every bit as contemporary as the rest of your home, you can embrace the minimal trend by focusing only on the items that will be used during the first year or two.

The most essential items that every baby nursery needs include somewhere to sleep (a crib, cot or cradle), a dresser that has ample space for nappy changing (a compactum), and additional storage for clothing and other items (a wardrobe or shelving unit). To find out more, keep reading for our tips on planning a modern baby room that is functional yet stylish.

How to Plan a Modern Baby Nursery

Plan a baby nursery that is modern, airy, and nurturing with the help of these simple tips:

Look for convertible furniture.

 Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture is without a doubt the smartest way to take your little one from infancy to childhood. This means that the furniture will last through the years all the way until your child becomes a tween or teen. In this way, the nursery can easily adapt to your child’s needs throughout each stage of growth, without the need to replace anything or do any major revamps. Convertible cots are designed to serve as secure, protected cots while your baby is still small, adapting into bed as your baby gets closer to the toddler years. Other dual purpose furniture includes compactums that adapt into dressers or desks.

Choose soothing natural colours.

 Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Soothing Naturals

A modern, minimal nursery in shades of white and wood will create a calming environment that is conducive to sleep – always a good thing for tired parents. Look for cots, cupboards, compactums, and storage in soft shades of wood that can easily adapt to your child as he or she makes the transition from the baby years to childhood. With neutral furniture, you will be able to easily change the look of the room by changing up rugs, bedding, and other decor touches, all the while maintaining a stylish, simple foundation.

Opt for smart design.

Planning a Contemporary Baby Nursery - Smart Design

Well-crafted furniture that is made to last will ensure optimal safety at all times. Even if you do not choose convertible pieces, furniture that is made to last can be handed down to friends or family, sold or kept for future babies. Clean lines, solid construction, and premium materials are essential when choosing furniture for your nursery. Flat-pack furniture can be easily stored when not in use, without taking up much space.

Ready to start planning your dream nursery? View the full range of baby nursery essentials in the Baby VOX collection.

Cover image: Nature Baby Collection by Vox

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Introducing the Tuli Kids Furniture Range

Tuli Collection

Finding kids furniture that is well-crafted, stylish and versatile can be a surprising challenge – especially for those planning a contemporary kid’s room. Adding to our selection of kid’s room essentials, the Tuli range offers a versatile stackable table that comes with matching stackable stools. A gorgeous bookcase adds the perfect touch to this kids furniture range. Keep reading to find out what makes the Tuli range so delightful. Continue reading Introducing the Tuli Kids Furniture Range

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VOX at Decorex Joburg 2018

Spot Bedroom

Taking place at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 8 to 12 August 2018, Decorex Joburg 2018 showcased the latest in home decor. VOX had the chance to feature at the event, with a stand that brought kids and teen rooms to life. Decorex is held annually in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Over the years, this event has become one of the most anticipated events in the design and decor world, attracting thousands of guests each and every year.

VOX at Decorex Joburg 2018

This year was once again a massive success, with an excellent attendance, plenty to see and do, and a variety of stands to inspire homeowners and renters wanting to create a beautiful space. Keep reading to find out more about the VOX stand at Decorex Joburg 2018.

Decorex Joburg 2018 Highlights

The Decorex Joburg 2018 event was packed full of innovation, inspiration, and ideas for decor and design trends. This year’s theme was Rhythm of Life. VOX was very proud to collaborate with Lorena Canals – a Spanish designer and producer of modern kids rugs. We wanted to show just how versatile teen and kid rooms can be with the right touches. The Spot bed and the Spot desk offered the perfect accompaniment, setting the tone for a room that is trendy yet practical. Here are some of our top highlights from this year’s Decorex.

The Bed

VOX at Decorex Joburg 2018 - Spot Bed

The Spot Double Bed with Storage Headboard is an excellent choice for teen rooms as well as kids rooms. This bed has a modern, simple design featuring white and wood, with a handy storage headboard that contains a shelf big enough for nightlights and other items, along with two storage drawers, and optional organisers that are sold separately. Also available separately is the large underbed storage drawer that is ideal for cushions, bedding, and other items. Guests purchasing this bed at the show received a 20% discount.

The Rugs

 VOX at Decorex Joburg 2018 - Lorena Canals Kids Rugs

Based in Barcelona, Lorena Canals is a designer and producer of luxury kids rugs. These rugs are machine-washable, and they are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Featured at the Decorex event were the Lorena Canals Moroccan style rugs, which are offered in a choice of colours. The leafy botanical rug was also popular, while round rugs made an appearance as well. These rugs liven up any bedroom. Guests attending the show received a 30% discount when purchasing rugs at the event.

The Desk

VOX at Decorex Joburg 2018 - Spot Desk

The Spot Compactum & Desk can be adjusted to three different heights, making it perfect for kids growing up. This desk will take your child through their early years as an infant, continuing through to the childhood and teen years with ease. The desk is made from a high-quality laminated board with pine legs. In white and wood, it goes perfectly with the Spot bed, creating a modern Scandi style teen or kids room. Like the bed, organisers can be hung from this desk. These are sold separately and include four different styles of organiser. Guests received a 20% discount on the desk when purchasing at the event.

We had lots of fun at this year’s show and we are already looking forward to the next event. Without a doubt, Decorex Joburg 2018 was an experience we will treasure!

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How to Create the Perfect Man Cave

If you have been longing for a place to escape, revive, and de-stress, a man cave is sure to be just what the doctor ordered. Somewhere between a study and a den, this room is made to offer a retreat – a welcome spot to head to after a long day at work. Whether elaborate and fitted with a huge flat screen television and ample space to enjoy those Nintendo Wii virtual golf games, or simple enough to cover all the basics, this room is flexible, inviting, and, ultimately, relaxing.

What exactly do you need to get your man cave up and running? Keep reading as we take a closer look at this room to find out how to pull everything together and claim your spot.

Man Cave Essentials

Even if you do not have space for a separate man cave, you can turn your study into a welcoming spot to enjoy some quiet time or a beer or two, with no one else to hog the remote or change the channel. The good news is that you don’t need much to make any room your own. Some of the top essentials for this room include the following:

Custom Seating

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Custom Seating

The great thing about custom seating is that it is far more flexible than traditional couches and chairs. That means you can move seats around as needed. Need to clear some floor space to get in a home workout? No problem. Desperate to take an afternoon nap with no interruptions? Simply shift seats together to create a makeshift couch bed. Having friends over to watch some rugby? Rearrange seats as needed, so that everyone gets a good view.

Modular Shelving

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Modular Shelving

Just as modular seating helps you make a more versatile space, modular shelving has a similar effect. This type of shelving unit can be very useful if you are hoping to section off part of your office in order to create a chillout zone or TV area. Units like the Lori corner bookcase also help make ample use of corners and other awkward areas, while keeping your stuff neatly organised. With this shelving, you will have far more flexibility compared to traditional bookcases.

Entertainment Centre

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Entertainment Centre

It goes without saying that you will need to plot out an entertainment area that is made to keep everything sorted. You will be able to set up your gaming system here along with your television and sound system. If space is limited, make use of wall-mounted shelves to store speakers, games, books, and other items. From there, simply arrange your seating so that you are able to relax completely without having to move much at all.

Practical Desk

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave - Practical Desk

While a desk may not be quite as essential as, say, a large television, it will still come in handy. Sometimes, it is great to have a place to do your thinking in an environment that is conducive to logic and calm decision-making. If your home office is shared by others in the house, this area can sometimes be the opposite of peaceful. Adding a desk to your space will give you that peace you have always wanted.

Add the final touches to your space with a few decor touches, low lighting, a plush rug or two, a plant, and anything else that helps you feel at home. From there, your man cave will be ready to move in and start enjoying right away.



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Finding the Perfect Balance

Balance System

What sets a custom bookcase or storage unit apart from a standard, conventional unit? For one thing, you have the ability to choose your own storage, in a way that helps you create the ideal shelving to suit your needs. Whether you are revamping your apartment, planning a home office or updating your current, limiting, storage, finding the perfect balance is easier than you think once you find the perfect custom bookcase or few.

Why Design Your Own Custom Bookcase?

One of the things that makes a custom bookcase or two the perfect choice for homes of all sizes is that it offers the ability to design your storage around the space you have, rather than the space you wish you had. When you choose a range that is made to blend into your home effortlessly, you have the added advantage of a fully seamless, integrated storage that looks as though it was made to suit your home. Needless to say, that is always a big win.

Wondering how you can add a touch of integrated style with the help of the Balance range? Here are just some of the ways that you can use these flexible bookcases

Create a seamless flow between rooms.

Finding the Perfect Balance - Seamless Design

Bookcases don’t only have to store books. Modular shelving units that offer mix and match shelves, cubes and containers can also be just as effective in a dining room or even in an open plan kitchen. These shelves can be a great way to store just about anything, from decor items all the way to canisters, pots, pans, vases, pot plants, plates, glasses and anything else you need to store safely and simply. Modular shelving units can be used in open plan spaces to transition the flow from living room to dining room and from dining area to kitchen.

Mix and match the shelves and storage you need.

Finding the Perfect Balance - Flexible Storage

Combining shelving units of different widths and heights help you plan your very own tailored storage in a way that is flexible and space-savvy. Add-ons such as organisers of different sizes and storage cubes further add to the versatility of this type of storage, making it easier to store items of just about any size and shape. Shelves can be placed alongside one another or positioned in a way that acts as a divider or corner unit. When you mix and match colours, too, the effect is a wonderfully adaptive storage unit that is unique and easy on the eye.

Create a flawless, organised home office.

Finding the Perfect Balance - Home Office

Module bookcases are also an excellent choice for home offices and work areas, helping you create a workspace that is organised and well-designed. Depending on the sizes of the units you choose, and how you arrange them, you could easily create an office nook in a larger open plan studio, or you could create wall-to-wall storage in a dedicated study. Add in a few additional modular cubes and a desk that suits the look and feel of your storage, and you will have a stylish place to work, study and create, with just a few key pieces of furniture.

Ready to find your perfect balance? View the full Balance collection to view our beautifully crafted custom bookcase range.

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Putting You on a Pedestal

Whether you call it a nightstand, bedside table or bedroom pedestal, this useful item is equal part storage and surface. While they are most frequently used in bedrooms, pedestals can also be used in just about any other room of your home, too. They can double up as side tables in a living room. They can store bathroom supplies or office goodies, too. Just the right size to keep a few basic essentials in easy reach, these useful stands offer plenty of storage without taking up too much space.

Finding the Perfect Bedroom Pedestal

However you use your pedestals, there is no doubt that these handy tables offer plenty of use in the bedroom. The trick to getting the most from this item of furniture is to choose a pedestal that suits your needs. Get inspired by these simple yet stylish bedroom pedestal solutions:

Covered storage.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Covered Storage

A simple cupboard style pedestal will keep your bedtime essentials safe in a way that is discrete and subtle. Many units in this style offer two or more deep shelves that are hidden behind a cupboard door. Some may also offer drawers within the units itself, while others may have a single spacious cubby. Look for units that blend into your overall decor style, in neutrals such as white and wood, for a modern yet simple look.

Hidden storage.

 Putting You on a Pedestal - Hidden Storage

No space for a traditional bedside table? For smaller rooms, university dorm rooms, teen bedrooms and other spaces that lack space, a hidden pedestal is a great choice. This type of unit is made to hide discretely behind a bed or alongside a table, dresser or desk. A pull-out drawer reveals a surprisingly spacious storage unit that can be hidden when not in use.

Stackable cubes.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Stackable Cubes

Storage cubes are an incredibly versatile option that works well for bedside tables, makeshift bookshelves and various other storage systems. What makes this type of storage an excellent choice for just about any space is the ability to mix and match your storage according to your needs. If your bedroom or home is on the smaller side, you can stick to one or two cubes. If you have a large space, you could create a longer or taller unit by arranging cubes of different sizes. Open storage is also a creative choice for those wanting to display decor, books or other objects.

Simple drawer.

Putting You on a Pedestal - Simple Drawer

A classic, simple drawer unit will work well in any space, regardless of the size or decor style. If you prefer to keep things down to the bare minimum, a small nightstand that has a single drawer for the basics such as phones, medication, chargers and a book or two will be just right. For best results, choose a stand that suits the look of your bed and bedroom storage to ensure a seamless look.

Ready to find your dream pedestal? Head on over to the VOX online store to shop our bedroom pedestal range.

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Why We Love Benches

Vox Spot Dining Room

Simple yet elegant, every dining room could do with a wooden bench or two. This item of furniture has remained a firm favourite over the years. Used as seating and as tables or even sideboards or television units, benches can be used in many ways, making them a worthwhile addition to any home.

What makes the humble wooden bench such a great investment? Keep reading to find out.

Why Your Home Needs a Wooden Bench

If you don’t already have a wooden bench or two in your home, here’s what makes this item of furniture one of the best things you could ever own…

Versatile and practical.

 Why We Love Benches - Practical and Versatile

Benches are incredibly versatile, making them a practical addition to any dining room, living room, bedroom, entryway or home office. They can even be used in the bathroom and kitchen, or in a kid’s bedroom. When used as seating, benches can easily fit two or more people without too much of a squash. Add a cushion and you have an instant seat that fits snugly underneath your dining table without taking up as much room as chairs. When used as surfaces, benches can double up as TV units, display stands, coffee tables, plant stands, and bathroom tables that can house towels, spa goodies, and a candle or two. Storage benches add even more practicality, storing books, serviettes, placemats, blankets, and various other items.

Great for small spaces.

Why We Love Benches - Great for Small Spaces

Benches are also an excellent solution for smaller spaces, easily seating guests without taking up as much space as chairs. This means that you can plan as many dinner parties as you like, without the need for a tall stack of chairs or stools. Benches are made to fit underneath tables in a way that is compact and efficient, reducing floor space and giving the illusion of space. When your dining table is not in use, you can slide the bench over to a wall and add a few cushions to instantly transform it into a compact seat.

Modern and stylish.

Why We Love Benches - Modern and Stylish

In addition to being practical and space-efficient, benches are also modern and stylish, working well with just about every decor style. To get the most use from your bench, look for pure wooden benches or those that have a simple black or white finish that will easily blend into most decor schemes. You can mix and match with bench cushions, throws and scatters. Whether you opt for storage benches or you choose something simple with clean lines, a bench or two adds just the right touch to any home.

For best results, make sure that you look for well-crafted benches made from quality materials. This will allow you to get full use of your bench without the worry of wear and tear over the years. To shop beautifully made furniture for your home, visit the VOX store today to find your dream wooden bench and many other must-have items.