A good night's rest is imperative to a productive day. Adorn your space with a bed that suits your personal style and needs. Vox has a selection of bed furniture ranges you can choose from that are clean-lined and multi-functional.

  • Vox 4You Canopy Bed4 You Canopy Bed

    4You Canopy Bed

    R5,240.00-R11,729.00 Select Options
  • 4You Double Bed - White4You Double Bed - Grey

    4You Double Bed

    R10,060.00-R17,790.00 Read more
  • 4You Double Bed with Canopy & Shelves - White4You Double Bed with Canopy & Shelves - Grey

    4You Double Bed with Canopy & Shelves

    R17,430.00-R41,775.00 Read more
  • 4You Single BedVox 4You Single Bed

    4You Single Bed

    R3,030.00-R5,910.00 Read more
  • Vox Concept Single BedConcept Kids Bedroom

    Concept Single Bed

    R3,480.00-R6,950.00 Select Options
  • Evolve Couch Bed - With Trundle Bed

    Evolve Couch Bed

    R5,170.00-R25,109.00 Read more
  • Vox Lori Single BedVox Lori Single Bed & Lori Corner Bookcase

    Lori Single Bed

    R4,510.00-R7,920.00 Select Options
  • Nest Modular MattressNest Modular Mattress

    Nest Modular Mattress

    R3,280.00 Add to basket
  • Vox Simple Double Bed - OakVox Simple Double Bed - Black

    Simple Double Bed

    R8,580.00-R15,070.00 Select Options
  • Simple Single Bed - OakVox Simple Single Bed - Oak with Storage Drawer

    Simple Single Bed

    R3,480.00-R7,620.00 Select Options
  • Spot Bunk Bed incl MattressVox Spot Bunk Bed

    Spot Bunk Bed incl Mattress

    R22,590.00-R25,620.00 Select Options
  • Spot Double BedSpot Double Bed

    Spot Double Bed

    R9,080.00-R15,329.00 Read more
  • Vox Spot Double Bed with Storage

    Spot Double Bed Incl Storage Headboard

    R10,080.00-R17,259.00 Select Options
  • Spot Tipi Daybed

    Spot Tipi Daybed

    R0.00-R17,579.00 Read more