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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Couples

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about bedroom ideas for couples. Creating a soothing sanctuary that gives you both a place to relax, unwind and restore your senses can be a challenge, especially when you both have very different decor preferences.

To help you find the ideal compromise, we have chosen three simple looks that can easily be adapted to your needs. Featuring three of our sought-after double beds, these bedroom ideas for couples are designed to be versatile, laid-back and beautiful, without any fussy details or over the top touches.

Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Some of our favourite bedroom ideas for couples include the following:


Simple Double Bed
Simple Double Bed

Neutral colour palettes will never date. What makes these tones so versatile is that they easily blend in with wood, metal and textiles of just about every colour. The result is a bedroom that is soothing and inviting, with no frills or jarring colours to jolt the eye. Instead, you can look forward to pleasant dreams in a room that features soft tones of white, brown, beige, tan, and cream, set against natural woods. Add a plant or two to complete the look, or get inspired by our minimal bedroom style guide to see how else you can incorporate soothing elements into your bedroom.


Spot Bedroom
Spot Bedroom

Monochrome bedrooms remain a popular choice for many couples, with a simple, minimal black and white look that is clean, modern and oh-so-stylish. This look works especially well when set against simple wood. Look for monochromatic beds and storage in wood and white or wood and black. Pair with patterned monochrome cushions, simple black or white throws, solid colour bedding in black and white, simple rugs, and a few houseplants to add a splash of colour. You can also bring in metal, such as bronze or rose gold, to add extra warmth.


Spot Double Bed
Spot Double Bed

That’s not to say that a bit of colour does not go a long way. If your tastes run more to eclectic, you could bring in subtle splashes of colour through carefully chosen decor elements. Bright throw pillows, an eye-catching rug, a brightly hued pot or storage basket, or a bright coloured bedding set can all work well with a neutral and monochrome style bedroom. The trick to making this look work is to keep it simple. Keep your primary furniture and decor simple in neutrals or monochrome, and add small amounts of colour. This will create a balanced effect that does not distract too much.

Whatever your preferred style may be, finding your dream bedroom furniture is one challenge you won’t have to worry about too much. VOX offers a wide selection of double beds to suit your tastes and budget. Browse our collections to find even more bedroom ideas for couples.


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