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3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed

4You Canopy Bed

Choosing a bed can be a personal decision that requires more than a little thought. Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever own. A good bed makes all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a poor night’s sleep. A good bed will add to your room’s style without overpowering the room or looking out of place. A good bed is a place where you can retreat each night, waking up refreshed and ready to face the world.

Rather than rushing the process, it makes a lot of sense to think things through carefully when choosing a bed. Keep reading to get our expert tips on what to look for in the perfect bed.

Top Tips for Choosing a Bed

Some of the things that you will need to consider when choosing a bed that is just right for your needs include the following:

1/ Support

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Support

Support is easily one of the most important factors for any bed. That means a solid foundation, quality construction, quality materials and a design that is made to ensure that your bed lasts for a long, long time. Look for bed frames made from high quality wood or laminate material. Choose bases that have a simple design that is not likely to wobble easily. You want to be able to turn over without any creaking or movement. You don’t need to test drive every bed you consider to determine how stable it is, either. Instead, look for simple frames that have sturdy legs and a strong slatted base.

2/ Style

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Style

The overall look of the bed is also important. Think carefully about the style of your bedroom in general when deciding on what type of bed to choose. If your bedroom is modern and minimal, you will want a bed that suits this style without looking out of place. Think about the colour of your dresser, bedside tables, wardrobe and other bedroom furniture. You can also think about the finish you prefer as well as the overall design and style of the bed. Ideally, you want your bed to blend in without standing out for all the wrong reasons. White or wood is almost always a good choice as they are both versatile, simple and neutral.

3/ Size

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Bed - Size

Another thing to take into account is the size of the bed. Depending on whether you are furnishing an adult bedroom, teen room, kids bedroom, college dorm room or even a guest bedroom, the size of the bed will often come down to the size of the room, how much furniture is in the room and whether there is enough space to fit the bed in comfortably without any cramping. For a teen, dorm or guest room, a single bed or a bunk bed will be ideal. For an adult bedroom or guest room, or a spacious teen room, a double bed should work well.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing a bed, you can start hunting for the perfect bed that ticks all of your boxes.

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Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Balance System

If you are struggling to find space in your small home, wall storage is sure to offer a practical, versatile solution. There are a number of ways to use your walls to store your goods. In addition to units that are made especially to be mounted to walls, you could also consider compact shelving systems that sit against the wall. What often works best is a combination of wall and floor storage that enables you to create space without ruining the aesthetic of your home.

In this mini guide, we share some of our top tips on how to save space with a few strategic wall storage pieces. Keep reading to find out more.

Adding More Space With Wall Storage

How can you maximise your space with wall storage? Let’s take a look…

Wall-mounted shelves.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Wall-Mounted Shelves

One of the simplest and most practical ways to save space, wall shelves are easy to install – usually requiring only the most basic of DIY skills. These shelves are ideal for anything from books to crockery and decor, working well in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, living rooms, studios and even bathrooms. As they sit on the wall, these shelves free up floor space, keeping your smaller home nice and open without the appearance of clutter or cramping.

Wall-mounted desks.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Wall-Mounted Desks

A wall-mounted desk that offers additional shelving will allow you to keep your work area out of the way, while also storing basics such as files, books, stationery and other items. This type of furniture is especially useful for studios, dorm rooms and small apartments that lack a designated office. With a desk like the streamlined Muto Secretaire Desk by VOX, you will be able to pull up a chair and get your work done without needing to take up much floor space.

Flexible bookcases.

Wall Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Flexible Bookcases

Whether standing or fixed to the wall, bookcases can offer an extremely flexible storage solution for even the smallest of spaces. To get the most from this type of storage, design your own wall shelving by placing bookcases of similar heights and different widths. A wider bookcase positioned next to a narrow bookcase can easily make use of a wall, corner or even part of a wall. When you choose tall floor-to-ceiling shelving units, you will be able to make use of every available wall space you have to spare. You don’t have to limit bookcases to storing books, either. You can also store blankets, crockery, glassware, boxes, decor and many other things in your bookcases.

Invest in a few shelves to place on or against your walls, and you will soon see how easily you can save space with the help of wall storage.

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Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room

The humble coffee table may not seem like an important item at a glance. When you stop to think about it, however, you will start to see just how often this item of furniture is used on a day-to-day basis. This is where we put our feet up after a long day. It’s where we keep the remote, the book we’re reading, the paper, the box of popcorn, the coffee cups (or the glasses of bubbly) and the knitting we keep forgetting to pack away. In reality, the coffee table plays just a big a role as your couch, dining table and every other bit of furniture you choose for your home.

What to Look for in a Coffee Table

Although a coffee table may initially seem to simply be a surface to place in a living room, there are a surprising number of things to consider if you want to get full value from this item of furniture. The overall shape, size, colour, material and style should all be considered, but it is also worth thinking about how you typically use your living room. Do you entertain often? Do you catch up with work on the couch? Do you spend a great deal of downtime in this part of the house? How you use your living room will very often determine what sort of table is best for this room.


Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room - Customisation

If you spend a lot of time in your living room, browsing social media, watching movies on your laptop, sneaking in a bit of work, reading, relaxing and socialising, a table that can easily be customised to your needs will bring the most value. A plain table that is limited in its use will make it harder to do the things you love doing without having to rearrange the living room. Look for dual purpose tables that offer hidden storage, laptop shelves and other features that adapt to your needs.


Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room - Functionality

If your living room is where you spend a fair bit of time, perhaps watching series or movies in the evening or entertaining friends now and then, simplicity is key. A functional, minimal table that allows you to store a few books and magazines while keeping the surface nice and clean will do the trick. If it is on wheels, even better. That will allow you to move the table around as needed without too much effort.


Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room - Convenience

If you prefer a classic style and enjoy entertaining, look out for tables that offer storage, surface space and convenient features such as an elevated tray. This will allow you to keep the table clear when not in use while maximising space when you have friends over for afternoon tea, rugby afternoons or girls’ nights. Simple design and flawless materials that blend into the rest of the room will make this table even more tailored to your preferences.

Visit VOX to browse our selection of premium tables and benches and find your dream coffee table today.

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Creating a Craft Room With VOX

Every home should have a craft room, or at the very least, a dedicated space where creative activities can be enjoyed. Countless studies done over the years have shown that creative hobbies have the ability to improve memory, inspire out-the-box-thinking, assist with problem-solving and even help kids and adults build confidence and reduce stress. In this guide, we share some tips on how to create a craft room that the whole family can enjoy.

How to Create a Craft Room

Limited space? No problem. These tips will help you create the perfect craft room, even without ample space to unleash your creative abilities. All that you really need to start creating is an uncluttered surface, a spare room or free corner and perhaps a bit of light. Some tips to help you get started include the following:

Make use of natural light.

 Creating a Craft Room With VOX - Natural Light

Wherever possible, try to make use of the natural light you have available. Natural light is always ideal for almost all types of crafts. Whether you’re hoping to get back into drawing or painting, thinking of taking up sewing, trying something like bead making or knitting or simply looking to let off some steam for a few hours of craft time, the better the light, the more easily you can weave a little magic. If you have a window in your craft space, position your table or desk in this spot. If there is no window at hand, you could try looking for soft lighting that gives plenty of light without too much of an unnatural or harsh glare.

Try a movable desk.

Evolve Desk

Another trick to get the best light is to look for a movable desk that can easily be shifted around the room, such as the Evolve Sliding Desk. This type of surface space is also ideal for activities such as sewing, which typically requires being able to access your surface from various angles to measure, cut, fold and pin fabric. For those transforming a home office or even a quiet corner of a bedroom or guest room into a craft area, a movable desk will also help to pack away your crafts when not in use.

Add space with a double-sided desk.

Creating a Craft Room With VOX - Double Sided Desk

Double sided desks are great for kids who share a craft space. These desks are made with plenty of surface space so that two people can work on each side without cramping or interference. This type of desk will also free up space in smaller rooms, as more than one person can work at the desk at a time. Rather than having to fit in two desks, you can set up a single desk in a corner or against a wall. Desks such as the Spot Two-Sided Desk have optional extras such as desk organisers as well as drawers, which will keep art and craft supplies in easy reach.

Ready to get started with your own crafty space? Browse the selection of desks on offer at VOX to start planning your dream craft room today.

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3 Reasons to Visit Us at Design Joburg

Taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre between 25 and 27 May 2018, Design Joburg celebrates the leaders in decor and design. This exciting expo is now in its second year. The very first inaugural event saw thousands of decor and design enthusiasts getting together to enjoy a world-class showcase of current trends.

3 Reasons to Visit Us at Design Joburg

This year’s Design Joburg expo is set to be no less of a success, with plenty to look forward to over the course of the event. VOX will be there, with bells on, as we showcase our very own Lori study and share our expert tips on how to create an inviting home office.

Why Visit Us at Design Joburg This Year?

What makes the 2018 Design Joburg expo worth a visit? For starters, here are some of the things that you can look forward to at this year’s event…

1/ Cutting-edge design.

This event is all about cutting-edge interior design, featuring a wide range of exhibitors and shows over the course of the event. Whether you consider yourself a design connoisseur or you simply love beautifully furnished rooms, this event is a must-visit for anyone with an appreciation for beautiful interiors. Highlights at this year’s event include Rooms on View, a show-within-a-show that brings to life incredible room designs; CoLabs, which pair up leading architects and designers and plenty more besides.

2/ Decor inspiration.

You’ll also be able to find a wide range of inspiration from room to room. VOX will be showcasing our highly sought-after Lori home office, which offers a contemporary look that is rooted in functional design. This range includes a streamlined desk, along with a set of bookcases that allow you to mix and match to suit your needs. Quirky details such as the Lori kennel add plenty of charm, while high-quality construction and sleek shapes make this study set as beautiful as it is practical.

3/ Current trends.

Stay au fait with the latest and greatest trends in colour, decor, design and style, to ensure that your home is always on trend. Home expos are always a rewarding way to stay abreast of the trends that are shaping the design industry on a global scale. Although we do not believe in blindly following trends, we do believe that staying on track of global design influences is one of the best ways to stay inspired.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from this year’s event, we hope that we will see you there! Tickets to the expo cost between R80 and R120 via Webtickets. Kids under 12 get in for free. The expo will run from 10h00 to 18h00 on Friday 25 May and Saturday 26 May 2018, wrapping up at 17h00 on the final day of the show, Sunday 27 May 2018. For full details, head on over to the official Design Joburg event website at


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How to Invite a Touch of Hygge Into Your Home

Custom System

The concept of Hygge has been embraced all over the world, and for good reason. Pronounced “HUE-gah”, this concept takes winter cosiness to a whole new level. Originating in Denmark and Norway as a way to survive the freezing temperatures and seemingly endless days of snow, this concept lies in the enjoyment of the little things in life, such as warm blankets, long soaks in the tub, hot cocoa, comfort food and family time. In essence, this concept is all about enjoying winter as a time to step back and relax rather than counting down the days until summer. How can you foster a sense of Hygge in your home? Let’s take a look.

How to Inspire Hygge in Your Space

Wondering how to up the cosiness factor in your home? Here are some simple ways to inspire a bit of Hygge for your home this winter…

Create a bedroom retreat.

How to Invite a Touch of Hygge Into Your Home - Create a Bedroom Retreat

Where better to spend a lazy weekend than the comfort of your bed? This is where you can pile on the blankets, eat all the junk food you like, watch movies or series, catch up on some reading, enjoy long afternoon naps or simply hide from the world for a few hours after a tiring week of work and adulting. For best results, invest in a bed that offers the ideal retreat, such as the 4You Canopy Bed, which even has slots to hang a projector. We promise… duvet days will never be the same again with a bed like this!

Cosy up your living room.

How to Invite a Touch of Hygge Into Your Home - Cosy Up Your Living Room

If on the off-chance you feel like getting out of bed, it is essential that your living room is geared towards optimal snugness as well. Look for comfortable modular seating that can adapt to your needs. This will allow you to structure your living room to suit your needs. For movie nights, you can create a cinema style layout, and for leisurely afternoons spent on the couch with a blanket and a good book, you can extend your seating to give you all the space you need. Make sure that you have a few blankets and soft cushions at hand to ramp up the snugness in your living room.

Plan a reading nook.

How to Invite a Touch of Hygge Into Your Home - Plan a Reading Nook

Have a quiet corner somewhere that is not often used? We have just the thing that will take your winter warming to a whole new level. Reading nooks can be enjoyed by everyone, from the youngest members of the household all the way to the grown-ups. Essentially, these nooks are made for reading and relaxing, with just enough space for a comfy cushion, chair or fold out mattress, a table and perhaps a bookcase. Add some soft cushions and a layer of blankets, and the result is a space that truly feels like you are far away from the world’s problems. Reading nooks can be temporary or rotating, making them versatile and easy to set up on the spot.

Make sure that your home is ready for winter with a wide range of modern furniture and home decor that is sure to be perfect for bringing a touch of Hygge into your space.

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Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating

With winter around the corner here in South Africa, the Custom modular seating range from VOX offers the perfect way to relax. This range features modular couches and armchairs as well as a modular coffee table that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind lounge that is designed to suit your space and preferences. Whether you are looking for a compact solution for a smaller space or a flexible lounge unit that can grow to suit your changing needs, the Custom modular seating range is sure to add just the right amount of comfort and style to your home.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating

First gaining popularity in the 60s and 70s, modular seating has certainly come a long way over the years. This type of seating is versatile and practical, allowing you to build your own lounge suite according to your space requirements. The new generation of modular units has evolved a great deal from their early counterparts, with additional features such as hidden storage further adding to the appeal.

What makes modular furniture the ideal choice for living rooms? Keep reading to find out why this type of seating offers a budget and space-friendly solution for homes of all sizes.

Why We Love the Custom Modular Seating Range

While corner couch units are a great choice for large living rooms, and small two-seaters and armchairs are ideal for smaller living rooms, modular seating goes one step further by allowing you to customise your lounge simply and easily. Modular furniture can easily be moved to add more space, create cosy nooks, extend living areas and plan out lounges without replacing or removing any furniture. Instead, modular couches and armchairs are arranged to create corners or open areas as needed, with side tables and coffee tables added to further optimise space.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating - Corner Unit

As the units are made to be moved, they can easily be adjusted for parties and gatherings, with a variety of configurations to suit just about any type of event. For movie nights, you can create a home cinema setting with a single row of seating. For cocktail functions and leisurely catch-ups, you can create a more intimate corner setting. Add a few throw cushions and snug blankets, or a pouf or two, and you can instantly transform your living room into a warm retreat to escape the winter chills. If you embrace the Danish concept of Hygge, a modular lounge will have you crafting a winter hideout in little to no time.

Creating a Cosy Space With Custom Modular Seating - Couches

The Custom seating range from VOX includes a Deluxe Corner System, Custom Corner System, Custom Sofa, Custom Sofa with Coffee Table, Custom Armchair and Custom Coffee Table. Cushions and backrests are available in a range of colours, including sky blue, blue grey and beige, allowing you to customise your seating according to your preferences.

Browse our full range of living room furniture to find the Custom modular seating range and other essentials for your space.

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Introducing the 4You Canopy Double Bed

4You Canopy Bed

If you are looking for a space saving, multi-functional bed, the 4You Canopy Double Bed is sure to be a perfect choice. This versatile bed features integrated shelves and a host of optional extras that further help you create your very own sanctuary. This bed is available in white and grey. Made from high quality laminated board that is easy to clean, the bed stands over 2m tall once assembled. The bed spacious, ensuring the perfect space to relax, dream and recharge. Keep reading to find out what makes the 4You Canopy Double Bed so special.

Why You’ll Love the 4You Canopy Double Bed

What makes the 4You Canopy Double Bed a must-have for kids rooms, teen rooms, dorms, guest rooms, small spaces and modern bedrooms? From its sleek design to its endless storage options, this bed has it all. Here is a sneak peek at what this bed has to offer…

Multi-functional headboard.

Introducing the 4You Canopy Double Bed - Headboard

Hidden shelves within the headboard offer the perfect place to store pillows, cushions, blankets and bedtime essentials. Above this hidden compartment, there are plenty of open shelves to display decor or store books and other items. Add storage cubes or the handy 4You Bed Chest to add even more space to this bed, or try a few baskets to keep your goods under wraps.

Smart storage.

 Introducing the 4You Canopy Double Bed - Storage

This bed is ideal for studio apartments, dorms and any other room that does not have built-in cupboards or sufficient storage space. As the shelves are integrated into the unit, there is no need for additional storage. Should you need extra storage, however, it can be easily added to the bed. Two sided bookcases can be placed along the back and furniture such as the 4You dressing table/desk can be added to add even more storage. The bed also has small shelves along its base to keep books, blankets and other items out of the way.

Unlimited options.

Introducing the 4You Canopy Double Bed - Screen

This bed is extremely versatile, with almost unlimited options in looks, storage and functionality. The canopy can easily fit a screen, transforming your bed into your very own private cinema when a projector is added. Side and top ladders are available as optional extras, allowing you to design your bed according to your preferences. Plants, bunting, garlands and other decor items can be hung from the canopy, while additional shelves and dressers can be added as needed to further maximise your space.

Visit VOX to find the 4You Canopy Double Bed and a wide range of accessories that further help you create your dream space.

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Guest Bedroom Essentials

Whether you are expecting family from abroad or renting out a spare room on Airbnb, planning the perfect guest bedroom comes down to focusing on the basics before pulling out all the stops. There are a few essentials that will go a long way in making guests feel at home. All too often, what guests remember most is not the red carpet and flowers you laid out but rather how comfortable their bed was, and whether or not they had enough space to hang up clothes.

 Guest Bedroom Essentials

What exactly makes for a dream guest bedroom? Keep reading to find out which essentials you will need to include if you want to make the right impression on your guests.

Must-Haves for a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Creating an inviting guest bedroom comes down to treating this room much as you would your own bedroom. That does not mean you have to replicate your room exactly. What it does mean is choosing the best quality bedroom furniture you can afford, and adding a few extra touches that go a long way in making your guests feel at home during their stay. Here are a few essentials that every guest room needs.

  • A comfortable bed. Depending on your space requirements, this could be a single bed or a double bed. You could consider a multi-functional unit that incorporates a bed, dresser and storage. You could try a beautifully designed canopy bed, a fold-out couch bed or a bunk bed. Whichever type of bed you choose, make sure that it is comfortable with a high-quality mattress and a sturdy base.
  • Bedside tables. Smaller rooms can get away with a single pedestal if the bed is set against a wall. If you have space, invest in a set of matching bedside tables that suit the bed and any other furniture in the room. These do not have to be fancy. Ideally, you want enough surface space to keep a glass of water, bedside lamp and perhaps a phone or a book, and a shelf or two for other items that your guests will want to keep nearby.
  • Bedroom storage. Unlike the master bedroom, you do not need a huge cupboard in the guest room. A modern dresser or chest of drawers that matches the bed and bedside tables will offer just enough space for your guests to store clothing during their stay. You could also try a dressing table to provide additional surface space.
  • Bookshelves. While not an absolute essential, a small bookcase can also be useful for your guest room. Fill it with a collection of easy to read books, coffee table books, photo books and anything else that you think your guests may enjoy. You could also add a plant or two and some decor touches to make the room feel homier.
  • Final touches. Last, but not least, you can add the final touches that will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Look for interesting bedside lamps, high-quality rugs, hardy houseplants that add a touch of greenery, and some artwork to place on walls and surfaces. If you really want to make the right impression, you could also create a special welcome basket for your guests, including your WiFi password, toiletries, towels and a few treats.

Once you have the basics in place, you can move on to the final touches. This will ensure that your guest bedroom is ready, with everything needed for an unforgettable stay.

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Delightful Dining – How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

Balance System

Ask any regular entertainer for dining room tips and you may receive a few different answers. Depending on your space, budget and overall requirements, there are a few tips that will always come in handy, however. The biggest tip of all is to use the space you have rather than the space you wish you had. Using space wisely will ensure that you choose the pieces that are just right for your dining room. With that in mind, we have put together a mini list of the most important dining room tips to help you plan your dream dining space.

Dining Room Tips for an Effortless Dining Space

Try these dining room tips to create an effortless, elegant dining space.

Look for savvy storage solutions.

 Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Savvy Storage

The right storage can make all the difference. All too often, storage is seen as something that is purely functional. Although you should be able to store your things safely, you don’t have to sacrifice style. If you have been lugging your hand-me-down dining cupboard every time you move home, it is high time that you invested in a modern, beautiful storage solution. Rather than hiding crockery, glassware and decor away, display it in a modern storage unit that blends into your dining room without taking up too much space. Look for neutral storage units that can blend into a wall without overpowering your dining table.

Invest in smart seating.

Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Smart Seating

Unlike chairs, which take up a fair amount of space unless they are stacked, benches can easily fit into a corner or against a wall. If you are low on space, you could look out for smart seating solutions such as storage benches, which double up as hidden compartments. Benches can also be used as side tables when not in use, which further adds to their versatility. Use your benches to store seat cushions, placemats, table clothes or even plates and cutlery. For best results, choose neutral benches made from quality wood. You can mix and match seat cushions with your table linens and crockery sets to change styles from elegant dinner parties to relaxed brunches or family breakfasts.

Choose space saving tables.

Delightful Dining - How to Create the Perfect Dining Room - Space Saving

If you have an open plan dining room or limited space, try a space saving table that folds out or expands. This will allow you to add more seats when the need arises, without taking up a lot of space when the table is not in use. Depending on your space requirements, this type of table can easily adapt to your needs, so that you won’t have to worry about having enough space for that upcoming lunch party you have on the cards. Many modern expandable tables have special spaces for table centrepieces and other items, which further adds to the usefulness.

If you’re looking for a wide range of premium dining room tables, chairs, benches and storage cabinets, the VOX dining table and bench collection is sure to have just what you need. Put these dining room tips into action and find the ideal solutions to your dining needs.